Mania Free Pool: UFC on Versus (Cruz vs Johnson)

Someone was actually faster than Dominick Cruz but the dominator found his groove and caught the mouse in the proverbial "mouse trap." The Skyscraper proved that he is not just a kick boxer when he caught HD in that awesome triangle choke and Rumble Johnson is really big for 170. I want to see him rematch Koscheck or fight Fitch after Fitch blankets Hendricks. Overall, the event was very good with good fights.

Unfortunately for the Free Poolers, it was not a good event overall as the highest scorer only got a measly 67 points.

That award will go to redfox54 who scored 67 points by getting perfect points for Wiman and Josh Neer. He also got 14 points for picking Sass to submit Johnson, quite unfortunate that he chose round 2. Congratulations redfox54. One week bragging rights will be yours. 

Second in the competition is michi who recovered from a bad event last time and scored a very close 66 points. He got perfect points for correctly picking Cruz, Johnson, Wiman, and getting 14 points for the hot bout. Nice recovery michi.

Third is Rolandando who got 65 points by correctly picking Cruz, Wiman, Easton, and Neer. He also got 14 points for the hot bout. Congrats Rolandando. 

Bottom dweller of the night is CDSmid who picked one fight and correctly picked Cruz. No internet connection eh? 


After three events  Mr.Grapplefan was able to hold a firm grasp on the number one spot. He was closely followed by Rolandando and michi. I'll get you soon!


Here are the scores for UFC on Versus event:

redfox54 - 67

michi - 66

Rolandando - 65

MrGrapplefan - 64

Marcbjr2 - 63

Stazza - 59

Phasebook - 55

liverpoolsnext - 55

thunderdownunder - 54

chrism - 51

suneohair - 50

karpentero - 49

ItalianStallion54 - 46

PedroPark - 45

Cruz-Jackson - 39

Raymondo - 39

tenjotenge - 37

dzerks21 - 34

CDSmid - 11

polpog - 0


Here are the total scores after 3 events:

MrGrapplefan - 201

Rolandando - 183

michi - 179

thunderdownunder - 178

marcbjr2 - 163

Phasebook - 156

redfox54 - 156

Stazza - 146

PedroPark - 135

liverpoolsnext - 134

Raymondo - 125

karpentero - 124

dzerks21 - 122

Cruz-Jackson - 116

ItalianStallion54 - 113

tenjotenge - 112

chrism - 105

CDSmid - 81

suneohair - 77

polpog - 18


What do you think of the scores Maniacs? The Money Poolers made us look like bush league again eh?

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