Scott Coker: 'Zuffa is committed to continuing Strikeforce'

Photo via ShoSports

When Jason Miller became the first fighter to make the jump from Strikeforce to UFC after the Zuffa buyout back in March, it was explained away by the fact that "Mayhem's" contract had already run out and he simply went where the money was.

But as time went on, moves were made in a far more obvious manner. Nick Diaz, the Strikeforce welterweight champion, was brought over and signed to fight Georges St. Pierre, although that's not happening anymore.

Alistair Overeem, the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, was yanked around before finding his way to "Sin City" to sign a bout agreement to fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 on Dec. 30.

Even Dan Henderson, the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion who has had so many problems with UFC in the past, brought his brand of violence back to the Octagon.

To top it off, UFC President Dana White has made it clear he wants Gilbert Melendez and he'll do whatever it takes to get him. That will make four of the five champions from the San Jose based promotion.

Despite the roster gutting, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker maintains the company line that Zuffa is committed to continuing the organization and that it's all up to Showtime.

"Zuffa is committed to continuing Strikeforce. And really, it's in Showtime's hands. There's dialogue and negotiations going back and forth right now and I'm hopeful that Strikeforce will be renewed and we'll put on some great fights for many years."

If it is, indeed, up to Showtime, the future looks bleak. Ken Hershman, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sports and Event Programming who cut the original deal to bring Strikeforce to the popular cable channel, has left for the greener pastures of HBO.

Does that, in and of itself, signal the end of Strikeforce?

Of course not, but it's certainly yet another bad sign that the boys from San Jose are going bye-bye.

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