MMAmania FFB Week 5 Recap

Week 5 is just about over.  All that's left is some meaningless game tonight between two teams that nobody even cares about, especially around here.  The Lions vs Da Bears.  Losers.


So far the Top 5 fantasy players this week are:


1. Ben Roethlisraper - 37 pts - mmachamp

2. Sam Cassell - 35 pts - Free Agent

3. Dwayne Bowe - 31 pts - BjPennfan

3. Fred Jackson - 31 pts - DetroitDrew

5. Adrian Peterson - 30 pts - Dragay



And now for the current scores of our weekly matchups


DetroitDrew - 143* (Jason Hanson)

ViolentMike - 114

Drew hands me my first loss of the season.  It should have been even sweeter for him because we should have bet on our matchup.  However, Drew is a puss so he didn't accept.  I even went as far as to offer him +140 odds and he still declined. Everyone else I bet with will accpet a FFB matchup bet before the season even starts - without even checking their lineups or projected scores.  But not DrewMoney$$$.  He needs to be projected to win by at least 15 points in order to be willing to bet someone.


The General - 119 (Brandon Pettigrew and Robbie Gould)

kevjack - 119

It looks like Geno pretty much has this rivalry matchup in the bag. You gotta know that both of these guys wanted this win REALLY badly.  Kevin even went Chael Sonnen style and called out Geno asking him to bet on their matchup.  Kev's $100 vs Geno unbanning him.  Geno could have been $100 richer if he took the bet, however, kev back on mania was not a risk Geno was willing to take.


Jay - 106

Deuce - 84 (Nate Burleson)

106 points is really going to get a win?  You guys both suck, so you might as well just blow each other already.


BjPennfan - 116 (Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best)

BusterBluth - 111 (Detroit Def)

Looks like the other Detroit homer in the league will win yet again and become the only undefeated team in the league.  But I have a hunch that the main reason for this is because he is in the hapless Division 2.


mmachamp - 124* (Johny Know, Matt Forte and Chicago Def)

Dragay - 118

In the battle of the homos, mmachamp proved to be just a tad bit gayer than Dragay.  This was quite shocking to me.  I always had Dragay pegged as the queerest by a gay parade mile.


Ulf Murphy - 129

Puck Head - 81 (Roy Williams)

Roy WIlliams is projecting 45 points this week so this will be end up being very close when its all said and done.  No... wait... He's only projected to score 5 points.  Sorry Fuck Head but you're remaining the old winless team.  You should probably start chumming it up with those dislexic B Leaguers that you'll be playing with next season.

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