Who is in the NFL Playoff Pick em Pool?? LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP!!!!

The NFL Playoffs start TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I was expecting a decent turn out considering the level of interest for fantasy football, but as of now, we only have a handful of entrants.   Don't be scared, homies!

The rest is a copy/paste from my original fan post.  It currently takes too long to load...


Since the Fantasy Football season has ended, all of us smack talkers wanted to keep it going.  Of course, a bunch of us are in the UFC pick em pool, but with that, the events are so spread out.  So in the thread last week we decided to have a NFL Playoff pick em Pool.  Here is how it is going to work:

We will be picking the winners of each playoff game WITH the spread.

For tie-breaking purposes, we also pick the final score of two of the games, and also the team to score the most and the team to score the least points for the week.


Entry Fee for this pool will be ONLY $10.


Prizes will go to first and second place.  First place will win the bulk of the money.


The pool will be hosted by Yahoo.  Here is how it will work.  If you are interested in playing, please leave a comment in the comment section and include your email address.  Then you need to make payment thru PayPal.   Due to fees, I am requiring a Payment of $11 and it should be sent to via PayPal (if for some reason you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address here in the comments, you can just include it in the notes of the PayPal payment).  Once I receive the payment, I will then email you a custom league invite.   When you sign up for the league, please make your Pick Set name the same as your Mania screen name.  It just makes it easier to know you everyone is.


I know that there are a ton of maniacs that watch football, so lets all get together and have some fun with one last football pool.  Especially for those of you that missed out on all the fun in the Fantasy Football league.


*** Also, as an FYI, I had to create the league before the regular season ended, and opt to include the playoffs.  Because of this, it says that I have a score of 0/16 because I created the league last week, but of course, made no picks because we are only playing the playoffs.   So the scoring goes by percentage of correct pics rather than total number of correct picks, my score will need to be adjusted accordingly.  Unfortunately there are no commish tools for me to get rid of week 17 or start the scoring during week 18.

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