Strikeforce Drama: Siyar Bahadurzada not happy with Scott Coker



Former Shooto light heavyweight champion Siyar ''The Killer" Bahadurzada is not happy with the treatment he is getting from Scott Coker and Strikeforce and he has let his frustrations go on Scott Coker and Strikeforce matchmaker Rich Chou calling them in a article ''ass****'' and  ''Scott 'Pig F*****" Coker and Rich 'F***' Chou '' wich was replied by Scott Coker as being unproffesional. Now Siyar want to give his fans the full story as he placed a statement on popular dutch forum for combat sports called i will give my best translation for you Maniacs.

Dear members/readers


First i want to apologize to all of my fans (only fans) for the use of my language on twitter and the recent articles. It all began when they (strikeforce) took 8 months to sign me. I traveled all the way to America when Marloes (Coenen) was fighting Cyborg to get signed because that’s what Strikeforce promised me. But they said they were to busy or they had to talk to Showtime first and than this and that. So al lot of bullsh*t but the real reason they didn't want to sign me, i highly suspect was because of my Afghan background


Finally after Golden Glory had enough they offered me a contract. When i signed the contract we sent it to the states and a copy was being hand deliverd by Martijn de Jong himself. After a couple of months Martijn tried to contact for a possible date for my debut.But they just ignored hundreds of texts messages and e-mails. They kept saying tomorrow we will get Siyar a P1 Visa and when that’s taken care of he can fight, that was two months after i had signed. Month after month Martijn tried to contact them but nothing happened.


Eventually trough a source who is a close friend of Coker i found out the real reason they didn't want me to fight in the States. Reason one: Golden Glory negotiated a contract for me but Strikeforce didn't agree with the numbers. Two: they don't want to promote someone from Afghanistan in the States. And that was the final straw. Not many people know how i really am and thats understandable, everybody is being shaped and made by their own experiences. Thats how i was made to the Siyar i am today. Nobody will walk over me.i walked from day one with my head high and i will till the very last day.My sport, MMA is my biggest love but when it comes to honour and respect sport is just a small thing not even my life is important than. I know i'm old fashioned and i probably wont fit in society with this mentality but thats how Siyar ‘’the killer’’ Bahadurzada is made trough my experience in life!!! Yes i do have a darkside but that will only come out on special occasions. And than i will hurt feelings no matter who.


Scott Coker said in a interview that im a Golden Glory fighter and that i should act professional, he also said as soon as that my P1 Visa is taken care of i will get to fight.


Here is what i have to say about that, being professional does have its boundries. I have been professional enough that they kept letting me go back and forth for 8 months and after signing letting me wait 10 months (and still counting) for my debut. Also it doesnt take months to get a P1 Visa, i asked the laywer who takes care of that kind of stuff indirect for Strikeforce and if i handed him my signed strikeforce contract it would take two weeks to get me a P1 Visa ok maybe because i am from Afghanistan it will take 4 maybe 8 weeks  but this long ? who is here unprofessional and ‘’the bad guy’’. I dont want to say anymore on this subject. This is what really happened and if you know me by know you will know that i would not lie about this.because my word is a rule to myself and i respect those rules.


I hope that everything is clear now


Siyar Bahadurzada

So what do you Maniacs think about Siyar Bahadurzada not getting the oppurtinity to make his Strikeforce welterweight debut because of his origins or is there more behind this than Siyar tells us ?

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