Two events into the new season and we have a familar name at the top of the leader board.   ViolentMike has won the Fantasy football pool and half of the MMA money pools to date.  Oh and he won this strange contest two weeks ago...




Your new trophy looks great.  This new award is going to take up some room, you're going to have to make space in your closet for it. 





No wonder why you stayed "In the closet" for so long.  I don't even see a computer in there, do you post on a cell phone?


I thought the Fight for the Troops event was half decent, the fights were entertaining but come on!  I need to get a DVR because those commercials were painful.  One fight for every 20 minutes of commercials just isn't my idea of a night well spent. 


One more quick topic that needs to be addressed, we (ricky dooby and I) had a discussion in the last thread that hasn't been answered yet.  Kev, you said this was for 3 months or 4 months?  I had thought you said this was quarterly, but then we saw that the end of this season is April 30th?  Do we know how long we are running here?  Anyway, good luck on the next event and check out the scores on your way out.


   Place   Total Points   NAME                 Percentage of correct picks

      1               96                ViolentMike                11/19     58%

      2               86                ricky-dooby                12/19     63%

      3               83                DavidW-S                  10/19     53%

      3               83                BNF                              9/19     47%

      5               74                DetroitDrew               10/19    53%

      6               73                freenow82                 11/19    58%

      7               72                jayw27                        10/19   53%

      7               72               Two words                  10/19   53%

      9               65                sarah-                          10/19   53%

      9               65                McArthur                        8/19   42%

    11               61               Felix (mexi, Mclovin75)   3/9   33%

    12               55               kevjack115                    7/19   36%

    13               54               Deuce02                        8/19   42%

    14               52               Onemansyn                  7/19   36%

    15               31               ODHGC                          5/10   50%

    16               17               taporsnapbons               3/9    33% 



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