Strikeforce Media Conference Call Recap/Highlights

Strikeforce hosted their media conference call at 2PM Eastern time today, and we here at Monday Morning BlackBelt were fortunate enough to get to take part, and listen in live as the questions were being directed to Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, and his opponent on February 12th Fedor Emelianenko, as well as Scott Coker.

Unfortunately, due to a large number of questions already in queue, and not being familiar with the operation system in which was used, I was not able to get any questions off myself. I have fixed that though for the future, and it certainly will not happen again.

In any event, I still did get some decent answers to some of the questions that were asked to the two combatants, so here they are.

When asked if Fedor would prefer to meet Alistair Overeem or Fabricio Werdum in the next round, should he make it there, Fedor said ‘It is not correct to predict or guess, because I have Antonio Silva in the way first, and he is a great and skillful competitor. I don’t look ahead.’

When asked about Antonio Silva claiming that Fabricio Werdum has show the blueprint on how to defeat him, Fedor said ‘If they think they have tried and found my biggest weakness, let them try and prove it.’

Fedor was asked about how excited he was for the Heavyweight tournament and he replied ‘I always fight with a high level of excitement, but am more excited for this tournament because every round I will have the chance to fight against a top competitor in the world.’

M1 Global frontman, and Manager of Fedor Emelianenko, Vadim Finkelstein pipes up to say how proud he is that Fedor has signed on with 4 more fights with Strikeforce, and M1 Global is happy to be a part of this, etc. Same thing, different day.

Fedor was also asked about the fact we rarely see any Sambo, or mention of it in MMA, yet he has made such a living fighting by that exact art, and what does it mean to him, and why is it the best? Fedor replied by saying ‘Every fighter will say this, but I believe it is the best all around skill, and will help with strength, speed, stand up, ground, and explosiveness the best. I am strongly confident, it is the best skill to have.’

‘That is something the commentators and professionals should decide’, was Emelianenko’s response to the question of if the winner of the tournament would then be ranked the number one Heavyweight on the planet.

When asked about his distinct size advantage, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva replied ‘I have take a good approach, and brought guys from Brazil. I’ll use my advantage on my weight in certain positions. He’ll feel my weight for sure.’

Fedor was the asked about the advantages of training in isolation, and using his training in mountains as an example. Fedor had this to say ‘When I do train, it is cold there, and much more difficult to breathe, and finish the training. Getting through all of it is very difficult. Also no one bothers me, so I can train, eat, and sleep with no distractions. This allows me to be in maximum shape.’

Fedor was asked who he beleived was the favorite in the other bracket, to which he responded ‘I don’t make any predictions. I don’t do that. They’re all world class fighters.’

I saved my personal favorite response to a question for the last, as Fedor Emelianenko was asked if he still believed he was the best fighter in the world despite his loss to Fabricio Werdum. Fedor’s direct quote, and only response was

“I never believed I was the best fighter in the world.”

Maybe not so impactful to just read, but it was a small moment of silence that followed the reply, and the fact that Fedor took no time to put it out there or think it through. Almost as if to say ‘I don’t claim to be the best, everyone else claims I am.’ Really stuck when he said that quote. Stern.

The two fighters then thanked Showtime, and Strikeforce for the opportunities, and both stated that they and their opponent will put on an artful and exciting match up for the fans, and that they are both coming in, in great shape. Fedor addeed that he will work hard not to disappoint all those who believe in him, and of course thanked M-1 Global.

Thoughts guys?

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Thanks to MMAMania for allowing me the opportunity to get our name out there

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