Yushin Okami coming for middleweight belt, promises Anderson Silva will fall ... again

via www.lazeresportes.com

Poor, Yushin Okami.

While UFC President Dana White is busy claiming his top draw, Brock Lesnar, is the most underrated fighter in the sport, "Thunder" is toiling away in obscurity, having won 10 of 12 contests with the promotion with little to no added recognition to show for it.

He's also patiently awaiting his next assignment, which, after he defeated Nate Marquardt at UFC 122, was supposed to be a long-awaited rematch against Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

The problem with that is "The Spider" is apparently awaiting the result of the Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields bout at UFC 129, presumably to challenge the former if he is to come away with his welterweight title and hard earned legacy intact.

And although it would seem the French-Canadian is in no "Rush" to jump to 185-pounds for the superfight the world is waiting for, the powers that be appear to be just as stagnant in deciding whether or not to give Okami his shot at the middleweight crown.

And what does the Japanese Judo specialist have to say about all this (via Cage Potato)?

"The middleweight division is for the fighters who are there, and have been fighting there, so I don't think there's much point in that fight. Basically, I haven't really thought about it because Anderson and I are top of the middleweight division, so it should be left to us. ... Well, I've heard various things, but instead of GSP I want to fight Anderson, beat him, and I believe I'll become a new star in the UFC. I'm concentrating and training for that fight now. Anderson is the top of the middleweight division and I am coming for the belt. I promise you'll see him fall and I'll be the new champion."

When Okami finally does get his shot at Silva, that is to say, IF he does, it won't be the first go-round for the two middleweight mashers. They originally met back in 2006, the last official loss on Anderson's record, the result of a disqualification via illegal upkick.

The nature of the finish of that fight has led to wonder of how a rematch would play out.

Apparently there aren't enough people asking for it, though. Instead, the MMA community is tied up on the draw of a contest between a pair of pound-for-pound stalwarts in Silva and St. Pierre.

Weeeee ... what a predicament.

Anyone care to show some love for Okami and call for his finally being awarded a title shot? Or is the allure of GSP just too much to ignore?

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