The top 5 most exciting fighters to watch

When any one of these men are scheduled for a fight their is not a single fan of the sport, hard core or casual that would dare miss it.  Whether you buy tickets and attend, purchase the event on PPV or watch it on network / cable television every one watching will get exactly what they came to see.  Jaws will drop and spectators will be brought to thier feet time and time again.

And its no coincidence each one of these men are current or former champions.  I introduce to you the top five most exciting fighters ever to grace the cage, ring , octogon. 





At   # 5    the current UFC LHW champion Moricio shogun Rua.  He dominated his opponents in Pride with amazing muy tai knees soccer kicks and flying stomps to become the Pride Grand prix champion.  And even in japan he was able to bring the reserve crowd into a frenzy with his ferocious style.  WHen losing to griffin in his ufc debut in 2007 which was one of the best fights of that year it was thought that his loss was the byproduct of being deprived of performance enhancers.  But when a healthy physically fit shogun came back to finish lidell and hand machida his first ever loss fans where on thier feet chanting shoguns name.  Would you ever miss a shogun fight? 







At   # 4    the consensus best heavywieght fighter of all time the last emporer.  All he does is win decisively, the man is responsible for some of the most memorable moments in mma history.   Whether your a fan or not he delivers excitement everytime he fights.  Even in his first legitimate loss he got caught going for the finish, how many other fighters would have backed away not wanting to engage a world class BJJ black belt not Fedor.  Watching him perform is a pleasure and a luxury the like of which may never be seen again.  Would you ever miss a fedor fight?







 At    # 3    The fireball kid is not only exciting but explosive and has the ability to finish his opponent anywhere at anytime.  As the pride LW champion he gave fight fans full libraries of highlight reel Ko and submission victories. After being the first fighter to finish tyson griffin a rededicated Gomi is looking to bring some excitement to the UFC LW division.  Would you ever miss a Gomi fight?







At   # 2    Nick Diaz has never ever ever been in a boring fight.  The brash Stockton CA native doesnt know how to back pedal.  He brings it every time.  With all the great fights hes given to the fans its great to see him become the Strikeforce WW champion.  The DIaz/Gomi fight is one of the greatest fights to ever take place.  Who would dare miss a Nick DIaz fight?    











And finally laying claim to the   #1   most exciting fighter to ever compete in Mixed Martial Arts the one and only Wanderlie Silva.  Holding the longest win streak in MMA Silva is simply known as the axe murderer.   He  is revered by fellow fighters and loved by fans.  Win lose or draw fans rise and applaude the sacrifice of this elite battle tested pride & UFC vetern.  When competing he has no regards for his own body and will stop at nothing to give the fans a show.   What other fighter can say there is not a single fan of MMA that is not a fan of mine.  Would you ever miss A Wanderlie Silva fight.



I am sure some of you may disagree with the order of the fighters or the selections in general.  So who do you feel are the most exciting fighters in mma.


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