She's not "hot" but there's just something about her!

We've seen it all over the last few months. The best boobs, biggest ass, Brazilian beauty's, even my personal favorite, the camel toe. But what have we really learned? No surprises, we share common tastes in all these categories. But where do we differ? Who is the "average girl" that seems to get under your skin? Is there a "perfect 7" that gets you going? Who is the babe thats on your mind that no one would ever guess? If your brave enough to admit it we will learn so much more about eachother and have a good laugh at the same time. My picks after the jump.



Just to be clear, if she's higher then a 6 or 7 then she dosn't belong in this thread.


Personally i have a thing for chicks in uniforms. It may be a waitress, or a nurse, even that big ass mail women whose dailey walk brings me much pleasure.



 As far as recognizeable public figures #1 has to be my 2 hours every weekday with Michigan native, and ESPN mainstay Ms Dana Jacobson.


Don't ask me why? I cant tell you? A night with Dana would more likely remind me of cow tipping then a romp at the playboy mansion, but there's just something about her. The oversized teeth? Her michigan charm? I don't know what it is? I prefer skinny and petite myself so i've been struggleing with my feelings here for a while, but i can't continue the denial. I can't tell you how many times i've searched the words "Dana Jacobson nude" found nothing and then continued my hunt mere weeks later, not even a good photoshop! I want me some Jacobson!


2nd on my list of average beauty's is America's number one Lady, as classy as they come and the definition of an "African Queen", yes i want that chocolate, Mrs Michelle Obama!


I know i know, again with the teeth! I would put those chompers to work in a second and be more then willing to risk my prize possesion for a moment between those lips. Maybe it's the thought of being compared with Barry in the bedroom, or my admiration of that athletic body. She's built to last boys and tops out my all time president's wives list with ease. If anyone saw the clips of her playing flag football a few weeks back you will understand.


Mast last vote goes to someone whose mouth needs to be silenced and i know just how. Ever since the opening scene of "The Way of the Gun", this funny fanny has gotten under my skin. If its good enough for Jimmy Kimmel then who am I to turn a cold shoulder, I give you Ms Sarah Silverman.


Sure her playful nature would put any guy at ease. She's the kind of girl that expects you to laugh when she farts and gets along better with your guy freinds then you do, but there's more to her then just another tom boy with a sense of humor. I can't put my finger on it, but this one screams back door!


So who are your picks Maniacs?

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