Ten Strikeforce fighters that could make waves in the UFC


Another day off from work for me, so Im making this list. Their are many great fighters outside of the UFC, and I decided to list 10 strikeforce fighters that could make waves in the UFC. Of course most of these will never happen, so its just for fun. Who do you think could be a contender in the UFC from strikeforce?


Gilbert Melendez- One of the top light weights in the world. Melendez has compiled a record of 18-2, and has held the title off an on since 2006. He is definitely the most dominant light weight fighter in Strike Force and could hold his own against the upper echelon of UFC fighters.


Nick Diaz- Nick Diaz is one of the top fighters in Strike Force. He compiled a record of 6-4 in the UFC before he left. In his last 10 fights, he has only lost one to KJ Noons due to cuts. The Gomi fight was turned into a no contest since Diaz tested positive for marijuana. Diaz has great boxing and BJJ. He could probably be a top 5 welterweight in the UFC, not sure how he would handle the wrestlers in the division, no doubt he can be dangerous off his back.


Fedor Emelianenko- I dont think I even need to make my argument for this man. Fedor was widely considered the greatest heavyweight to ever live up until his last fight. But he is still Top 3 in my opinion. The level of competition he has faced hasnt been great over the past few years, but he would still make waves in the UFC's heavyweight division. 


Alistair Overeem- The Strikeforce champ has only defended the belt once and has seemed more commited to his kick boxing career. But he would still challenge many of the top heavyweights. I dont think he would be a champion in the UFC, but would provide many great fights.


Fabricio Werdum- After dethroning the heavyweight king pin Fedor, maybe its time we gave the former UFC fighter another chance. Werdum went  2-2 in the UFC losing to JDS and Arlovski. I think he could be a top 6 heavyweight in the UFC, I'd like to see him and Mir fight. 


Antonio Silva- has compiled a 14-2 record and has shown improved striking. I thought the Werdum fight was a pretty close one. He would most likely be a gatekeeper of the UFC's heavyweight division but could bring some exciting fights.


KJ Noons- I think KJ has some of the best striking in Strikeforce's lightweight division. He could possibly be a top 5 light weight in the UFC. Of his 10 wins he has won 8 by KO.


Josh Barnett- Is one of the top heavyweights in the world, he would be a great addition to the UFC, if he could pass the PED tests. He is 26-5 and finishes the majority of his fights. His last two losses came from Cro Cop and Big Nog when they were in their prime.


Gegard Mousasi - I think Mousasi could make waves in the UFC light heavyweight division. He needs to work on his takedown defense, but there isnt a whole lot of wrestlers in the 205 division. The man is 29-3-1, he would be a great aquisition to the UFC.


Ronaldo Souza- One of the top middleweights in the world, he currently holds the Strikeforce Middle weight title, and is 13-2-1. Of his 13 wins, 10 have come by submission.

So who else do you think could make waves in the UFC from Strikeforce?

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