Dan Henderson or Gegard Mousasi to get first crack at "Feijao"?



That’s what its looking like according to TATAME where Josuel Distak – the boxing coach for newly crowned Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Rafael "Feijao" – suggested that Dan Henderson and Gegard Mousasi were being considered as the next challengers for "Feijao".  This comes as a surprise (because there are other guys who deserve it more), but not really, considering Brett Rogers received his short-lived title shot after getting demolished by an Emelienanko Fedor bomb.  I don't understand why Strikeforce would even consider this.  I guess you could make a case for Mousasi, who quickly bounced back from his decision loss to "King Mo" with a 31-second submission win over Jake O’Brien at DREAM.15, but not for Hendo.

"Dangerous" Dan if you don’t remember spent 20 minutes of his title fight with former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields on the defensive, ultimately dropping a unanimous decision and seriously fucking up a major move in Strikeforce’s "master plan" to overtake the MMA world – which doesn’t officially exist but whatever it might!  He hasn’t done shit since then aside from hang around a Gamestop promoting EA Sports "MMA", probably power-bombing the shit out of customers as they try to purchase a copy of UFC 2010 Undisputed.

Strikeforce is a joke if they give Henderson the title shot, no case can be made for him right now – he doesn’t deserve it.  If anyone should get the shot, it’s Mike Kyle – you know, the guy who blasted "Feijao" 14 months ago and is currently on a three-fight win streak, which is better than anyone else they’ve  got.

What do you think? Hendo, Mousasi, or Kyle?  What would you do in the shoes of a Strikeforce matchmaker?

**Side note**

Gegard Mousasi is set to face Tatsuya Mizuno at DREAM.16, for the vacant light-heavyweight title.  If he wins that (which he probably will but WAR Mizuno!), a champion vs. champion superfight could be set up between he and Cavalcante, which could bring some serious business to both DREAM and Strikeforce.  Lets look at the facts.  DREAM is hurting right now, they need all the help they can get, and having Mousasi represent them in the United States as their champion is a great thing, because Mousasi is a serious badass who’s going to go nowhere but up as the years go on.  "Feijao" has made huge waves after putting away "King Mo" via Muay Thai mayhem, and is most-certainly a top ten-ranked fighter now because of it.

Mousasi vs. Cavalcante is an outstanding fight all-around that every hardcore fan should want to see, and I’m sure it’s something that both organizations will consider if Mousasi claims his second DREAM title on September 25.

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