The Josh Koscheck Montreal Riot?

I had a discussion the other day with Montrealers about the possibility of Koscheck setting up the ground for yet again another long night of violence on Ste-Catherine's Street. Maybe it's a very far-fetched idea but not so much when you consider the past. 

Here's a very brief History of Riots in the streets of Montreal.


The 1849 Montreal Riot:

A new government is formed by the Reformers, The Tories and their partisans, relegated to the role of opposition and who feel threatened by the new political influence French population now has on government take to the streets of Montreal and burn down the parliament. 



The 1955 Montreal Riot:

Montreal Canadiens hockey superstar and pride of a nation Maurice Richard is suspended for the rest of the season and the man behind the decision and NHL president, Clarence Campbell  feels he has to attend the Canadiens' next home game against the Red Wings. At the end of the first period, a tear gas bomb was set off inside the Forum, not far from where Campbell was sitting. The Forum is evacuated and a destructive and violent riot ensues in the streets of Montreal throughout the night. Hundreds of stores were looted and vandalized within a 15-block radius of the Forum. Twelve policemen and 25 civilians were injured. 


Mcq33_medium Riot_medium


The 1992 Montreal Riot:

James Hetfield is injured by a piece of show pyrotechnics early in Metallica's Olympic Stadium concert. The crowd has to settle with Guns and Roses to make it worth the wait and ticket price. Axel Rose comes up short and calls it quit for unclear reasons and leaves the stage setting up another monstrous riot. Burningcar02_medium Images_medium


The 1993 Montreal Riot:

The Montreal Canadiens hockey team wins the Stanley Cup = stores are looted and police cruisers are set ablaze. The riots causes $2.5 million dollars in damage. At the high point of the riot 980 officers were dispatched.

Images_medium Ap_greece_riots_duo3_medium


The 2008 Montreal Riot:

The Montreal Canadiens win a playoff round = What else? 16 police cars and 10 downtown building vandalized.

_39457626_punkriot_203body_medium Images_medium


The 2010 Montreal Riot:

the Montreal Canadiens win another playoff round =  Mayhem in the streets. Police in riot gear hurls tear gas and uses batons to disperse the crowd. At least two-dozen people were arrested and two officers are hurt. Point of interest: throughout the evening in the Bell Center messages were broadcast featuring mixed-martial arts fighter Georges St-Pierre urging fans to celebrate with respect and dignity.


Images_medium Images_medium


The 2010 Josh Koscheck Montreal Riot (possible scenario) :

After getting poked in the eye by Josh Koscheck, Georges St-Pierre can't see the the big right hand coming and gets knocked unconscious. The crowd who saw everything on the giant screen yells it's anger at the referee for not stopping the fight in time. Koscheck gives the crowd the finger and says: "What now Montreal? Where's your hero now?" What follows is unclear. Someone attempts a flying knee on Dana White and misses, the knee lands on Bruce Buffer who was hiding behind the president. Joe Rogan can't help but marvel at the technique employed until he himself gets caught in a rear naked choke and goes to sleep. Jason Miller who's sitting rink side gets jumped by the Diaz Brothers. Fans try to rip both of Dan Hardy's arms off but unsuccessfully. Koscheck rolls on the floor faking an injury hoping no one notices him. Patrick Cote grabs the microphone and tries to calm everybody down, the mob will have none of it, he gets violently dogpiled. The violence eases for a few minutes when Arriany Celeste decides to take her top off only for it to get worse when Borck Lesnar is seen throwing running punches at fans. Lights go off. Montreal is cordoned and declared a war zone. India uses the confusion to invade Pakistan.   


Of course I don't predict any of that to happen, just having fun. 


A question for Maniacs though:

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