Oh well,the new series of TUF is upon us and it won't be long before it reaches its conclusion and we get to see the spectacle which is GSP vs.Kos.

We've debated GSP's fights to death and one poster hit the nail right on the head.He said GSP's fights areso repetitive you can actually go over the fight details before the fight's even happened!

So i'm gonna have a go.........

Guy 1"So waddya know,a GSP decision win.Who could have saw that coming?"

Guy 2"To be fair though KOS did avoid the takedown till 2:13 of the 1st round"

Guy 1"Yeah but you would think with all those takedowns and dominant positions Kos would have a cut,a mouse,a welt,a bruise,hell even a scratch!"

Guy 2"Yo wake up dude!"

Guy 3"What?What?What?What happened?"

Guy 2"Dude you fell asleep through the main event again"

Guy 3"Cut me some friggin slack dude,i did manage to stay awake through one full round this time!"

Guy 1"This is true"

Guy 3"What happened anyway?"

Guy 2"Dude the fight came alive after you went to sleep.There were scrambles,reverse positons,submission attempts,they were swapping punches and kicks.It was a fight for the ages!"

Guy 3"REALLY?!"

Guy 1"Don't be an imbecile it was a GSP fight for Christ's sake!"

Guy 3"Oh"

Guy 2"Oh well guys i'm off.Same time,same place,next time?"

Guy 1"You know what?Next time GSP is in a main event i'm just gonna order that new D.V.D "Paint Drying"it's a 25 minute special.I'd rather watch that!"

Guy 3 "Ok laters"

Guy 2"Yeah peace out a-town"

   Door slams                                               THE END

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