WEC 51 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Aldo vs Gamburyan' on Sept. 30 in Broomfield


WEC 51: "Aldo vs. Gamburyan" is all set for tonight (Sept. 30) at the 1STBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

The Versus televised event will feature a hard-hitting featherweight title fight between Jose "Junior" Aldo and Manny "Manvil" Gamburyan as the headliner. Joining them will be Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone as he tries to fight his way back into 155-pound title contention against nemesis Jamie "C-4" Varner in the co-featured fight of the night.

An exciting bantamweight showdown between former division kingpin Miguel Torres and the streaking Charlie Valencia is also on tap.

Of course, will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of WEC 51: "Aldo vs. Gamburyan" below, beginning with the Versus telecast at 9 p.m. ET. We'll also deliver quick results of all the action from the preliminary card earlier in the evening.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the event to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 10) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Aldo vs. Gamburyan."

Without further delay, see below for the latest WEC 51 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Jose Aldo defeats Manny Gamburyan via knockout (strikes) at 1:32 of round two
Miguel Torres defeats Charlie Valencia via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:25 of round two
Donald Cerrone defeats Jamie Varner via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
George Roop defeats Chan Sung Jung via knockout (head kick) at 1:30 of round two
Mark Hominick defeats Leonard Garcia via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Mike Brown defeats Cole Province via technical knockout (strikes) at 1:18 of round one
Chris Horodecki defeats Ed Ratcliff via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)
Antonio Banuelos defeats Chad George via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Demetrious Johnson defeats Nick Pace via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Diego Nunes defeats Tyler Toner via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Tiequan Zhang defeats Pablo Garza via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:26 of round one


James here!

145 lbs.: Jose Aldo vs. Manny Gamburyan

Round one: Here we go with the main event! Manny dancing around the champ. Aldo has his knee cocked and ready. Manny explodes with a big right hand the sends the champ backpedaling. Aldo with a knee. Jabs from both fighters. Manny misses with a wild right. Nice jab and lightning quick leg kick from Aldo. Ouch. Manny misses with a two punch combo. Another hard leg kick from the champion. Manny tries one of his own and barley lands with it. Nice one-two from Aldo. Manny swinging wildy again, but Aldo backs away easily. Nice body kick from Aldo. No takedown attempts from Manny yet. Jab from Aldo. Another jab and hard leg kick combo from the champ. Those leg kicks are brutal. Manny almost did a 360 after taking that one. Another nice kick to the legs from the champ. Manny says he was poked in the eye, but Herb Dean tells him to fight on. Nice combo from Aldo. Manny shoots in and Aldo defends it well and lands with a couple of punches before the final bell. Close round. Aldo 10-9. Those kicks were nasty.

Round two: Body kick from Aldo. Manny shoots for a double and Aldo defends it nicely. Nice kick to the body again from Aldo. Jab and leg kick combo from Aldo again. It's the same combination Cerrone was using against Varner, and Aldo is having similar success with it. Nice two punch counter combo from the champ. Uppercut from Aldo sneaks in. Another little short uppercut lands from Aldo. Manny falls to his knees and covers up. Aldo pounces and he's all over him with punches. Manny isn't doing anything here and that's it! Herb Dean steps in and this fight is over! Manny is out! The champ is here!

Final result: Jose Aldo defeats Manny Gamburyan via knockout (strikes) at 1:32 of round two


135 lbs.: Miguel Torres vs. Charlie Valencia

Round one: Torres takes the center and he has his left hand fully extended to show his range. Valencia circling back and forth and he lands a leg kick. Jab from Miguel. Leg kick from Miguel. Torres still holding that left hand out there. Valencia just misses with a head kick. Torres walking Valencia down. Leg kick from Valencia. Torres cuts the cage off and unloads a body punch. Torres still moving forward and now he connects with a jab. Valencia surges forward, but Miguel backs away easily. Hard leg kick from Valencia. Torres fires right back with one of his own. Torres explodes with a combination of punches now and they go into the clinch. Knees and punches from Torres with Valencia pinned against the fence. Kick to the body from Valencia. Valencia misses with a double jab to the body. Jab from Miguel. Another. Now a straight right. Inside leg kick from Miguel and the referee says it was low and he wants a timeout. Back underway quickly and Valencia just misses with a high kick. Hard leg kick connects now. Jabs from Torres, but Valencia is showing some good movement with 30 seconds to go. More jabs from Torres. Nice flurry of punches from Torres and he connects with a left that floors Valencia. Torres pounces and he's raining down the ground strikes. Valencia is covering up and now he explodes upward and picks Miguel up as the bell sounds. Nice action at the end there. 10-9 Torres.

Round two: Torres still waiving that left hand out there to start round two. Leg kicks from Valencia. Wild overhand right misses from Valencia. Torres still stalking and jabbing here. Valencia shoots in for a single and Torres avoids it easily. Hard right hand lands for Torres. Now a high kick. Valancia covers up and Torres unloads knees and punches to a grounded Valencia. Another hard knee and now Torres has side control. Valencia gives up his back now and Torres is working for the choke. He's softening Valencia up with punches to the head and body now. He has a body triangle locked in and there is just under 3 minutes left for him to get the choke. He continues to work for it and now he has it. Valencia taps and Miguel Torres is back in the win column.

Final result: Miguel Torres defeats Charlie Valencia via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:25 of round two


155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Jamie Varner

Round one: No gloves touching in this one! Cowboy sprints out of the gate right at Varner. They exchange and go right into the clinch. Cowboy looking for the takedown and Varner is working some nice dirty boxing. Big punch stuns Varner now and he's trying to get out of there. Cowboy runs at him and unloads a flying knee. Varner's mouthpiece goes flying to the other side of the cage. Back into the clinch and Cowboy wants the takedown. Cowboy smothering Varner against the fence here. Varner pushes out and Herb Dean calls for a timeout to give Varner his mouthpiece back. Cowboy isn't happy with the pause. He wants to keep fighting! Back underway and Cowboy unloads a left hand and a hard leg kick. Varner circling around and now he fires a combination of punches. Cowboy charging forward with punches. Varner backpedals and circles out. Big two punch combination from Varner now. Cowboy locks him up and looks for the takedown. Varner with a big knee and a couple of punches before separating. Cowboy misses with a kick. Jab and leg kick combo from Cowboy. Varner swigns with a big right hand and Cowboy times it perfectly and scores a takedown. Varner works back to his feet quickly here, but Cowboy stays clinched. Big punches from Varner on the separation. Leg kick from Cowboy. Big counter left hook lands for Varner. Cowboy felt that one for sure. Leg kick from Cerrone. Body punch from Varner. He follows it up with a wild left hook that misses. Cowboy leans in with another two punch combo. Cowboy shoots in for a takedown again and Varner shrugs it off easily. Straight left hand from Cowboy floors Varner! He pops right back upbut Cerrone is all over him. Varner shoots for a double. Cowboy defends it well and circles away. Huge punches from Cowboy. Varner fires back with a big punch now. The bell sounds. Wow! Great opening round. 10-9 Cowboy.

Round two: Cowboy takes the center and lands a leg kick. Varner fires back with hard punches. Cowboy leans forward with that jab and leg kick combo. He's had success with that. Small exchange with a brief tie up. Leg kick from Cowboy. Hard body punch lands from Varner. Another one lands and this time he follows it up with a right hand. Cowboy times a beautiful takedown and he lands in Varner's full guard. Quick pass to side control after a guillotine try from Varner. Now north south for Cowboy. Varner powers back to his feet nicely and they separate. Jab from Cowboy. Leg kick from Cowboy. Varner misses with a big left and Cowboy makes him pay with a big counter knee. Varner looks like he's having some trouble with some blood in his eye. Leg kick from Cowboy. Hard left from Cowboy. Nice two punch combo from Varner, but Cowboy stands tough and counters it nicely. Cowboy shoots again, but this time Varner is ready and he stuffs it. Jab and leg kick from Cerrone again. Varner has no answer for that. Brief tie up with Cowboy looking for another takedown. Varner pushes out and checks a leg kick. Varner shoots in for a takedown now and Cowboy defends it well. The bell sounds shortly after that. Another 10-9 for Cowboy.

Round three: Finally a glove touch coming into round three. Body punch from Cowboy. Jab from Cowboy. Nice left hand, leg kick combo again from Cerrone. Varner charging forward with punches. Cowboy looking for the takedown. Varner stuff it. Cowboy connects with a head kick to the side of Varner's face. Varner felt that, but he stands tough. Jab from Cowboy. Cowboy shoots for another takedown. Varner circles away to avoid it. Hard right hand lands from Varner. Another big right hand from Varner. Cerrone eats it and shrugs it off. Big punches and knees from Varner. Cerrone pushes away to avoid the punishment. Jab from Cowboy. Both guys are starting to look tired. Cowboy shoots in again and scores with another takedown. Varner has full guard but he's eating hard punches and elbows from Cowboy. Varner works his way towards the fence and gets back to his feet. Cowboy looking for another takedown, but Varner avoids it. Wild right misses from Cerrone. Straight right lands for him. Twenty seconds to go. Hard leg kicks from Cowboy. Now to the body. Straight kick. Punches from both men just before the bell. Cerrone gives Varner a little push at the end and Varner takes offense to it, but he holds back from retaliating. Great fight. Cowboy should take the decision easily.

Final result: Donald Cerrone defeats Jamie Varner via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


145 lbs.: Chan Sung Jung vs. George Roop

Round one: Jung takes the center and Roop opens up with a stiff jab. They exchange leg kicks. Jung with another hard kick. Nice exchange now with Jung just misses with a hard right. Kicks from Roop. He's using his reach nicely. Nice right hand from Jung. Jabs and a high kick from Roop. Hard leg kick from Roop. Nice right from Roop. Jung still has the center of the cage, but Roop is sticking and moving nicely. Jung leans forward now and they clinch momentarily before separating. Leg kick from Jung. Nice right hands from Roop. Jab from Roop. Roop with another right hand, but Jung makes Roop pay with a hard body kick. Into the clinch and Jung pins Roop against the fence. Knees from both fighters. Roop reverses and pushes out of the clinch. Nice body punch from Roop. Jung with a leg kick. Another jab and a nice two punch combo from Roop. Jung misses with an uppercut and then connects with a hard left. Nice two punch combo and a high kick from Roop. Leg kick from Jung. Nice right from Jung. Jab from Roop and a nicely timed leg kick from Jung. Straight punches from Roop. He looks for a Muay Thai clinch, but lets it go. The bell sounds shortly after that. I like Roop there. He used his reach nicely.

Round two: Jung with the center again and he eats a hard jab right off the bat. Nice body kick and into the clinch for Jung. Roop gets away and continues to dance around and fire with punches. Jung connects now and flurries with a nice combination. Roop does well to circle out and minimize the damage. Jabs and straights from Roop. Hard leg kick from Roop. Jung fires with a right hand and Roop times a left high kick beautifully right on the button. Jung crumbles like a ton of bricks and he is out cold. Great finish by George Roop!

Final result: George Roop defeats Chan Sung Jung via knockout (head kick) at 1:30 of round two


145 lbs.: Leonard Garcia vs. Mark Hominick

Round one: Gloves touch and we're underway with the first fight of the Versus telecast. Hominick takes the center. Garcia tries a head kick that gets blocked. Hominick walks into a two punch combo. Nice jab from Hominick who is stalking Garcia. Garcia circling around and now he lands a couple of jabs. Hominick with a body punch. Garcia misses with a counter kick. Nice combo lands from Garcia. Hominick still moving forward. Body punch from Hominick again. Nice two punch combo from Garcia. Leg kick from Hominick. Garcia answers with one of his own. Another hard one from Hominick. Hominick landing with punches now. Garcia stumbles a bit and gives his trademark smile before circling out. Jabs from Garcia. Hominick still coming forward and he lands a right hand. Garcia misses wildly with a left hand. Hominick eats a left hook and then a leg kick. Another leg kick from Garcia. Nice right from Homick. Garcia counters it well with one of his own. Body punch from Garcia. Garcia leans in with a right hand and eats a counter punch from Hominick. Nice jabs from Hominick. Garcia answers with a hard leg kick. Good jabs from Garcia. Garcia opening up with his punches now, but Hominick continues to walk forward. Left hook lands from Garcia. Hominick ducks under a high kick. Now he lands a nice counter left hand. Leg kick from Garcia. Nice jab from Hominick. He lands a couple more before the bell. I like Hominick there. He was pushing the pace. Close round though.

Round two: Garcia comes out aggressive with punches. He lands a few jabs before eating a left hand from Hominick. Hominick jabbing and moving forward still in this round. Hominick misse with an overhand right. Garcia explodes with a combo that misses. Nice punch to the body from Hominick. Hominick does well to avoid a combo from gArcia. Now Garcia charging forward with a flurry. Homick again with good defense. Nice right hand finds a home for Hominick. More jabs from the Canadian. Garcia misses with a jab. Hominick with a hard counter left hand. Garcia just misses with a huge uppercut. Another combo gets blocked by Hominick. Leg kick gets checked by Hominick. Nice body punch from Garcia. Hominick connects with a two punch combo. Garcia misses with a left hand haymaker. Now he leans forward with an overhand right and Hominick makes him pay with a stiff left hand. They exchange kicks and Hominick goes right back on the stalk. Garcia looks to be wearing down here and Hominick looks as fresh as he was when the fight started. Leg kick from Garcia. Hard right hand connects from Hominick. Garcia with a three punch combo that Hominick avoids easily. Another short right sneaks in there from Hominick. Hard body shot from Garcia, but he misses on the follow up right. Hominick with more jabs and now a nice left hook. Garcia lands a good right hand and then gets a kick blocked right before the bell. Another round for Hominick on my card.

Round three: Jab from Garcia. Now he leans forward with a flurry of punches. Hominick blocks and circles away. High kick blocked by Hominick. Garcia slowing down now and he eats a stiff jab. Hard punches whiffing from Garcia again. He misses with a high kick now and slips to the mat. He pops right back to his feet. Another combo from Garcia gets blocked. Hominick with good defense here. Nice body kick from Garcia. Body punch from Hominick followed up with more hard jabs. Counter right from Garcia scores. Hominick right away with a two punch combo. More jabs and straights from Hominick. Garcia with a leg kick. Nice exchange with Hominick connecting on a hard left hook. Garcia is dog tired, but he continues to fire away with punches. Nice counter left hand from Hominick and Garcia hits the mat for a second before popping back up. High kick misses from Garcia. Hominick still working him over with the jab. Garcia's nose is a mess at this point. Garcia with a flurry, but Hominick avoids it nicely. Thirty seconds to go and both fighters are still throwing punches. Garcia swinging wildly, but he's too tired and they're coming in too slow. Hominick avoids them easily and the bell sounds. I've got Hominick 30-27.

Final result: Mark Hominick defeats Leonard Garcia via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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