UFC Fight Night 22: An MMA Maniac's First Live Event


My first UFC event is probably one of the best nights of my life!

Obviously I was hoping for a pay-per-view caliber card, but  a "fight night" will definitely work. We got there real early so we could watch all the prelims and it was definitely worth it. There was only one lackluster fight where I wasn't entertained and that was the Dave Branch fight.

It was also really quiet during the fights, unless they were hitting each other or transitioning, probably the quietest sporting event I've been to. It did get louder when the main card started though.

I couldn't have asked for better seats either. They were right above the floor seats on first row with few obstructions blocking the way. And we were in a position where all the fighters and celebrities walked by before and after the fight.

Another thing that caught me off guard was how approachable the fighters were. They were more than happy to take pictures or sign autographs. The guy next to me was getting all of their autographs and Efrian Escudero was being rushed by staff, so he tossed him his hat and mouth guard.

Pretty gross -- but cool at same time.

So anyway, most of the fights were entertaining. I think all my main card picks lost with the exception of Nate Marquardt.  I wasn't expecting Cole and Jim Miller to dominate the striking. That Charles Oliveira guy looked really good too.

So the fights ended and we headed to the UFC afterparty on 6th street. This was definetly the highlight of my night. We got to hangout and get drunk with Gleison Tibau, "Stitch" Duran, Rafael Natal, Punk Ass, Herb Dean, Kyle Kingsbury, David Mitchell, Rich Attonito, Cole Miller (comes off as kind of a douche) and others.

We didn't find out that Arianny and Dana were having their own party until 20 minutes before closing, so needless to say I was pissed! But still an incredibly great night, and I think I might go to the next UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas or something.

If you ever go to a UFC event, find out where the afterparties are and you will have the time of your life!

Here's some of our pics from the UFC Fight Night 22 (and beyond):

Rafael Natal


Kyle Kingsbury


My Friend and Rafael Natal


"Big" Ben Rothwell. He's a pretty cool guy.


Gleison Tibau


Jim Miller


Palhares entering the cage


My future wife!


Here she is again.


My friend with Punk Ass


Friend with Gleison Tibau ( I'm starting the regret being behind the camera)


My friend and I with Rafael Natal. (I'm on the left.)


"Stitch" being a pimp.


Me and Kyle Kingsbury.


The gang with Herb Dean and Kyle Kingsbury. We bought them shots right after this. 


David Mitchell and I. It was his first UFC fight, really cool guy though.


Friends with two UFC fighters and the lady (Tracy Lee). She's really cool.


David Mitchell with Tracy Lee.


Shots for David!


Forgot the fighters name, I know he's 1-1 though.


Herb towards the end of the night. Direct quote from Herb: "Dude, you'll drink way too much in Texas, I might throw up." Also, Herb is definitely a player, every time I turn around he's throwing game on a new chick.


What a night!

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