MMA Mania P4P Tournament - Round 1: Fedor vs. Machida

Hows it going maniacs, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I personally didnt see the fights as I was away at a buddys house, but I do have some comments to make regarding the results. I would first like to say that I thought both Sonnen and Nelson had good chances to win and, even though I woulda been wrong to bet on them, Im happy that they both showed up, especially Chael who is an absolute stud. I do not like Anderson and I was hoping Chael would take his belt, but I am impressed with Andersons resilience and I respect the fact that he went through a war and was able to still get the W. I was hoping to get SOME KIND of finish in the Fitch Alves fight; wishful thinking I guess. Johnny Hendricks needs to be on the main card real soon. And finally, I absolutely despise Matt Hughes and am beyond pissed that he won that fight, and so quickly too.


Anderson Silva narrowly beat Chael Sonnen this weekend in a REAL fight, but in his pound for pound matchup against Gilbert Melendez he dominated; a proverbial first round, Tony Fryklund, upward back elbow KO. The next matchup is one of the more intriguing ones of the tournament in my opinion. It pits the 7-seed, Fedor Emilianenko, against the 10-seed, Lyoto Machida. In the recent past, both men were thought to be unstoppable. However weve all seen how untrue that is. Both men are talented none the less, but in a pound for pound matchup, who would come out on top?...



16 Shields


8 Fitch

9 Brock


4 Shogun

13 Koscheck


5 Edgar

12 Sonnen


6 BJ

11 Rashad


3 Silva

14 Melendez


7 Fedor

10 Machida


2 Aldo

15 Alves

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