Who does Bones have to beat?

To be considered legit?

I had a short dialogue, I think with Ulf, about the hype around Jones.

I was of the opinion that he had a long way to go before deserving the accolades he's been receiving.

Last night, he looked phenomenal against a journeyman fighter, at the LHW limit.  That got me to thinking, who does he have to beat to make me a believer?

I think the LHW division is relatively shallow right now, with AS, Vitor, and Lioto at the top of the heap. 

Rampage, in my opinion, is fast approaching gatekeeper status, and Forrest is starting to look middle-of-the-pack at best, while Rashad is in no-man's land, imo.  So Bones has basically 3 real challenges in front of him.

I noticed in the fight last night that he had a sway to him that more than respembled AS, and sort of looked a little like Rashad, which I guess would seem natural, since they train toghether.  I think both of them, Bones and Rashad, are emulating Silva.  Not a bad role model in the fighting department, but I just hope Jon doesn't turn into a dick.

Anyway, that brings me to the question I posed to myself.  Who does he have to beat?  And that lead to the question, "Are my standards too high for this young prospect?"  He looked damned good last night, so good in fact that I think he has to get in the cage against one of the top 3 for his next fight for his progression to look legitimate. 

As a disclaimer, I think he wipes the floor with Nouguera.

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