Joe Ray knocks Chad Reiner Out Cold at Martial Combat 7

Joe Ray shocked the world with a stunning third round knock out of UFC veteran Chad Reiner at Martial Combat 7. It was youth versus experience as Ray, an up and coming fighter who is tipped to reach the very top, faced the toughest test of his career against the veteran Reiner.

Ray was a massive underdog going into this fight but he knocked Reiner out cold in the third round in a result which will send shockwaves through the MMA world. It was the second consecutive Martial Combat fight in which Ray has left his opponent unconscious on the canvass after his stunning 14 second knock out of Zorobabel Moreira at Martial Combat 3.

The fight had started tentatively but Ray started to establish his dominance in the second round. Both fighters appeared to tire in round three of this five round fight and there was little to suggest that fireworks would follow. Reiner was actually starting to get the better of Ray in the stand up exchanges until Ray’s legendary right hand brought a premature end to the contest. Joerayrknocksoutchadrei_medium


With the victory Ray claimed a Martial Combat super belt but he also established himself as one of the most promising young welterweights in the world.

"I know I have one punch knock out power in me and it was just a matter of time before it came. Like they say, ‘if you’ve got it, use it’. Reiner’s a tough fighter, he isn’t afraid to engage and he gave as good as he got.’

Angelito Manguray is one of the sport’s most colourful characters. He is a 42 year old doctor and fights in a traditional karate stance. Filipino fighter Manguray might patch people up for a living but he did some serious damage to Shane Wiggand.

It was the latest in a long line of impressive performances from Filipino fighters at Martial Combat. Manguray used his unorthodox style to good effect to land some early combinations. Wiggand attempted to clinch and pulled Manguray to the ground but the Filipino ended up in a dominant position and landed a barrage of unanswered punches forcing the referee to step in and call a halt to the contest.

While the ringside doctors tended to his opponent Dr Manguray was left to reflect on a highly successful Martial Combat debut. Elsewhere South African Vusiyile Colossa subjected Chinese fighter Alex Niu to a stand up clinic.

Niu was able to secure a couple of takedowns but Colossa’s ground game is clearly evolving and he was able to escape easily. This was bad news for Niu because Colossa is a world class Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer whose stand up skills are equally effective inside the cage.

At one point in the opening round the referee asked the doctor to take a look at Niu, who was quite simply being picked apart by Colossa. It was all one way traffic as the start of the second round with Colossa looking extremely confident. Niu could only cover up as the Suoth African started to turn on the style and Colossa eventually finished the fight with a brutal knee.

Nick Mellor bounced back in style from his disappointing Martial Combat debut with a stoppage win over Victor Wang. The self styled hooligan simply overpowered Wang escaping a deep triangle choke before unleashing some vicious ground and pound to win the fight late in the second round.

Local fighter Chavilit Sidyodtong was in action earlier in the night against Ben Nguyen from the USA. Sidyodtong is from Thailand but now calls Singapore home and is an experienced Muay Thai fighter. Nguyen went for the takedown early in the opening round and quickly mounted Sidyodtong. The Thai fighter took some shots but was able to intelligently defend himself and even got to his feet late in the round.

On the feet Sidyodtong had a clear advantage and he made it show at the start of round three landing a devastating head kick and following it up with some brutal low kicks. Nguyen tried for the take down but Sidyodtong ended up in a dominant position and landed a series of hard elbows causing the referee to call a halt to the contest.

The judges might as well have taken the night off as all five fights were finished in emphatic fashion. Joe Ray is the real deal and the world of MMA is at his feet. Vusiyile Colossa looks a real prospect and while Angelo Manguray is probably too old to be described as a prospect he is still a top class fighter.

With Martial Combat constantly adding to its already impressive array of fighters the events just keep getting better and better and Martial Combat 7 might well have been the best yet.

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