Problem Solved: what to do with the MW division

It's being reported that Anderson Silva will likely be out until next year which makes an immediate rematch with Chael Sonnen or a fight with #1 contender Vitor Belfort unlikely in the near future. Inspired by discussion I had on the thread about Chael getting an immediate rematch I decided to give my best Joe Silva impression and give a few Matchups that I like and my reasoning behind them. Feel free to post your own matchups as well.

Matchup #1- Chael Sonnen vs Vitor Belfort

There has been plenty of debate since Anderson pulled off that miracle at UFC 117 about whether Chael deserves an immediate rematch or Vitor should get the next crack at the belt.  Since Silva is out why not settle it in the cage? People like to complain about eliminating contenders and sacraficing depth in the division, but the bottom line is the best fighters should fight the best available competition. These guys are the top 2 contenders hands down and having either of them fight anyone other than Anderson or eachother is a waste.


Matchup #2- Yushin Okami vs winner of Marquardt/Palhares

A lot of people are complaining that Okami is being snubbed from the title picture and deserves a #1 contender fight. Bottom line is Yushin has 2 wins in the last year and a half; a win over a can and a decision of a upper mid level fighter in Munoz. Because of his perrenial contender status I think Okami should get a fight that puts him into the mix. A fight against the Marquardt/Palhares winner is a step up in competition from his last two opponents and has some title implications.


Matchup #3- Alan Belcher vs winner of Bisbing/Akiyama

Having won 4 of his last 5 fights (with the one loss being a disputed decision) it makes sense for a lot of people being high on Belcher. But the people who are saying he should get the title shot are idiots. Of those 4 fights Belcher has won only one of those fighters is still in the UFC, the famous "One legged Canadian" Patick Cote. Belcher is still a few fights away and whoever wins the Ping/Sexyama fight is good step. If Akiyama wins it gives Belcher a chance to avenge the loss and if Bisbing wins it's a big name for Belcher and a good fight.


Matchup #4- Chris Leben vs Wanderlei Silva

Do I even need a reason for this one? Awsome fight.


Matchup #5- Damian Maia (if he wins) vs Allesio Sakara

After that aweful fight with Silva Maia needs to work his way back into the title mix. Sakara is riding a three fight win streak and has beaten good BJJ fighters before (see Thales Leites).


Matchup #6- Court McGee vs Kendall Grove

Kendall needs to prove he can still hang in the UFC and McGee needs a fight against a name to be taken seriously.


That's all I got let me know if I make a good Joe Silva or not.

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