"All Aboard The Pain Train Chug a Chug a Choo Choo!!" + Brocky Video(Puck Head approved)

 I have to give a shout out to SHORT BUS for posting the link to this video on another thread. Great find my man, this video is sweet!



 It was no easy task facing Carwin who is the hardest striker in MMA and strongest opponent Brock will probably ever face, but Brock managed to prove many doubters wrong with his tremendous heart and iron chin what a champion is made of and was able to secure the win via submission?! Something else the doubters thought Brock would never do.

 Brock did show a lot of weakness many fans are jumping on to discredit him as being the best? But lets get real here Brock is human if his stand up was good he would be nearly impossible to beat! The fact that he had such weakness against the heaviest hands in MMA and was able to still pull off the win is even more a credit to him. It will push Brock in training to improve this weakness, and that is a scary thing for all upcoming opponents if he improves just a little.

 Now lets talk about the punishment Brock took from Carwin, is there any other man that could of took the shots that Brock took? I highly doubt it and like I said many of the doubters have ignorantly claimed that Brock's chin was weak, he would fold after taking one of Carwin's shots and tap like a b^tch ..etc Well Brock not only proved he can take the most deadly strikes in MMA he also proved he has tremendous heart and determination as this was one of the greatest comeback wins ever in the UFC.  

 And how about the arm triangle! Oh oh Brock is adding submissions to his his arsenal. When all is said and done Brock has shown weakness but he also showed great improvement and strengths not seen before, adding submissions to his all ready deadly ground game is only the beginning as he's still far from his potential and that's scary considering he is all ready the Champ in the toughest heavy weight division in MMA. Maybe Carwin actually helped by knocking Brock's ring rust off?

 The Pain Train is growing and our rivals at ABM or looking foolish, but hey that's what happens when you doubt greatness. 

 I have not seen my rival mania debater StrikerDave around? Just in case he can't find his new sig and picture we bet on let him know he can find it here thanks.

 sig: "The #1 Heavy Weight of the World Brock Lesnar!" - "All Aboard The Pain Train Chug a Chug a Choo Choo"




  And your welcome Striker you'll find on the Pain Train it's nothing but class and intelligence unlike those yahoo's over at ABM.

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