my take on the future of wrestling in mma

my take on the future of wrestling in mma

its become pretty obvious that the most successful martial artists today have a wrestling background....
as a newbie making the transition into mma its pretty obvious that the best bg to have is a wrestling b/g..

matt hughes
randy couture
early mark coleman
brock lesnar
gray maynard
josh koscheck - hybrid
rashad evans - hybrid
chael sonnen
king mo
gsp now
jon fitch
jake shields
tito ortiz

it seems EVERY new fighter with hype is coming from a decorated wrestling b/g...and unfortunately thats what the judges are looking for...a wrestler comes in with no experience whatsoever..takes a guy down, holds him down and wins the fight..the rules are gonna have to change within the next 5 judging as it stands now is catered towards wrestlers...there are so many other aspects and styles that make up "mma" but the judging is catered to one style...wrestling...i believe that within the next 5 years pretty much every match is gonna look like chael sonnen vs jon fitch or jake shields vs gray maynard...unless something is done about the rules...the sport of mma is evolving and the judging of it should evolve as well...

very few new fighters are pouring into mma with backgrounds in muay thai or kickboxing or even jits anymore...because a decorated division 1 all american wrestler can most of the time take them out of their element with a couple shots and just lay there...not doing anything..and get a sickens me...

every now and then you get someone like koscheck or rashad who will attempt to evolve and develop their striking and actually have some success and put together some highlight reel ko's..but then something happens like what machida did to rashad, and it brings them back to reality and they go back to what gave them the success they had in the first place...same thing that happened to koscheck when he decided to stand with alves instead of using his wrestling base...alves picked him apart on his feet...just as machida turned rashad into a human punching bag...shad and kos, to their credit, have somewhat evolved..and improved their striking and become more well rounded and therefore "mixed martial artists"...however, wrestling is still their strong point and their fights with machida and alves proved although they are improving on their feet..they still have a LONG way to go before they will have the ability to stand with elite strikers...but the difference in shad and kos is that they've been in the ufc for awhile now, kos has had i think 17 fights and shad has had 12 fights, so these guys have been in the game long enough to have adapted and strengthened their game..

but guys like that arent my concern is the mass emergence of wrestlers that are entering mma at such an accelerated rate..with no other mma training whatsoever...with the same strategy in mind..."take the opponent down, lay on him for 3 rounds, and get the decision"...because its a proven and effective technique that will get you the nod in the judges eyes EVERY time...the whole idea of "mixed martial arts" will soon become a joke..."well rounded" fighters will begin to disappear within the next 5 years...because it doesnt matter HOW good you are at whatever art you practice..if you're facing a well decorated div 1 wrestler that has the ability and strength to take you down at will then it really doesnt matter...

guys like matt hughes, tito ortiz, randy couture, rashad, koscheck, fitch...i mean look at all the success these guys have had as wrestlers in their careers against guys who are trained in SO many different martial arts...and they are a JOKE compared to the guys who are entering mma today...guys who are coming in today are 4 time all americans, national champions...guys like brock who were 105-6 in college...hell look at king mo...the wrestling creditials that guy has are absolutely sick...

my fear is that within the next few years wrestlers will have saturated mma so much..and will have beaten everyone...that every fight will pretty much look like john fitch vs chael sonnen...gray maynard vs jake shields...pretty much every fight will be wrestler vs wrestler...and the wrestlers will have had so much success with their wrestling that they will not have cared to develop any other skills...cause why develop anything else when you're taking down muay thai guys and riding them to decisions?

think about it, look at all the new fighters coming out rarely see new fighters coming from a muay thai b/g or a jits b/g or a karate b/g or any type of striking or any other martial art b/g...they're all wrestlers...and someone like king mo with experience can takedown pretty much anyone no matter how good they are at any martial art they're well trained in...

king mo..hes good now..but hes raw and new to the game...imagine how good that dude is gonna be about 2 years from doesnt matter HOW good of a striker or jits guy you long as he learns some basic sub defense he'll be able to take ANYONE down and ride them to a decision....unless he faces another wrestler with the same skillset as himself....

there needs to be some type of evolution in the judging of mma bouts..because if there isnt, then several years from now every fighter in the top 10 of every weight class will be a wrestler...and every fight will turn into a wrestling match...and humpfest and it will be unwatchable...

just my 2 cents worth


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