UFC 117: Anderson Silva chats about Chael Sonnen, moving up in weight and his Octagon career

Anderson-silva_medium today (July 20) participated in a chat with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva courtesy of UOL in Brazil. "The Spider" dished on his upcoming challenge against Chael Sonnen in the UFC 117 main event on August 7 from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, as well as Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture and much more.

Anderson said that perhaps the fans will one day see him and Georges St. Pierre clash to find out who is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

The amazing striker was seen training with actor and Aikido master Steven Seagal recently. The Spider said "Yeah, the master taught me some techniques."

Over his comment in which he called Chael Sonnen "gangster," he insists he meant nothing with that and revealed that he doesn't intend to move up to the light heavyweight division after fighting Sonnen.

"It would be a pretension on my part to move up to perform at 205-pounds or even in the heavyweight division. I feel good in my category, happy with our outcomes and there will always be someone to challenge for the 185-pound belt."

Chael has called Silva some names but the Muay Thai expert hasn't lost his cool. He remarked that "(Sonnen) can say what he wants, after all U.S. is a free country. Of course he is a good fighter and this is the reason he is in the biggest event in the world."

"The preparation is nice. People have helped me a lot. Black House family is supporting me so much. Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz, among others, are focused for this match-up. I'm very happy. Regardless the result, I think it will be a good experience for all of us and I'm preparing for the worst" he joked.

Silva thinks it's great that Randy Couture wishes to fight him and says "It would be such an honor to face off against somebody that I got a great admiration either as a fighter or as a person. I respect him so much."

The Spider was asked about Fedor Emelianenko's status after his loss to Fabricio Werdum and how would a bout versus UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar turn out.

"In my opinion Fedor still is the best heavyweight for all the achievements he has gotten. Regarding to Fedor-Lesnar clash, I think it would be a big fight, a great spectacle and the MMA fans would be the winners."

Anderson credits his success to everything he went through in his childhood and the idols he admires today. The inspiration comes from two world class boxers. "I watched many fights of Roy Jones Jr and Muhammad Ali. I inspire myself on them and try to give my best in a different way, more intelligent and superior."

Due to his ability while striking, Anderson is cited as a man with potential to perform at the K-1 level. The Spider said "I dreamt with K-1 and had nightmares in which I was knocked out, (laughs) but I am glad with the UFC and hope to finish my career there."

Anderson Silva ends the chat analyzing his evolution since coming from Meca to UFC and thanks the fans for all the support.

"Well, I guess the technical evolution that I had was impressive. I owe this to all my coaches who helped in my formation as a fighter, athlete and trainer. I'm always in search for the perfection. Though it is something impossible, I keep improving and trying to make the difference."

"I'd like to thank God to give me health and conditions to bring gladness to the fans. Thanks everybody of the chat and I expect to speak to you soon. God bless you all."

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