Bright Eyed Enthusiasm! UFC 116

It's almost upon us folks, the biggest showdown ever (by way of poundage that's actually accurate) when Brock Lesnar meets Shane Carwin to decide who walks away the Heavyweight Champ this Saturday night. So I'll admit, my picks haven't been that great lately, but luckily I haven't been betting any actual real money on any of them either. For the love of Odin I hope you haven't either. I do wish I put some money down on Werdum but then again I'm sure everyone else does too. What would it have hurt to potentially eat $100 when there was so much to gain? Oh well, live and learn, right?

Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
This bout marks the first time Brock Lesnar will step into the Octagon since beating Frank Mir into oblivion and letting us all know the possibility of him getting on top of his wife that night was a very real one. As the undefeated Shane Carwin showed the world in his last outing, he's no Frank Mir.

No matter how you look at this fight you have to admit it's two monsters ready to tear each other to shreds and potentially walk away at the top of the heavyweight rankings, not to mention holding the UFC Heavyweight strap. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Shane and Brock spend round 1 of this fight powering up Dragonball Z style.

It's hard to pick a sure winner in this fight. Sure, Brock is the bigger guy, but Shane's fist's are bigger than his. Hulk big. Bigger than Brock's big mouth even. As far as ring rust goes I'm not buying it because Brock has been involved in some form of physical competition the majority of his life and I don't think it will be an issue.

I'm going with Brock because of his speed and power. Shane can absolutely knock him out but as long as Brock works his usual gameplan of takedown/hammerfists of doom then I think he's got this.
Pick: Lesnar

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Chris Leben
Ahh, the co-main event. The battle between two guys who really don't want to fight each other but gosh darn it they'll do it anyhow. Leben has an excuse, he just fought two weeks ago and is actually setting a UFC record for shortest time between fights. Sexiyama is just being a dick about it. Yeah, I said it.

Sure, we'd all rather see Akiyama take on Wandy but it's not to be right now due to a case of the broken ribs. If Leben is so beneath this guy then go out there and make a show out of it instead of crying about how this fight isn't high profile enough. Sure, Akiyama is the more complete fighter and on paper he should leave victorious but I question his drive now.

I'm going against the grain here and picking Leben because he has more to prove. He knows nobody expects him to win and he'll be looking to shock the world. Of course nobody EVER expects Leben to win so who knows?
Pick: Leben

Chris Lytle vs Matt Brown
Chris "Lights Out" Lytle has won some manner of bonus from his last 4 fights so it's safe to say the dude lets it all hang out each and every time. Matt Brown looks better each time he's in the Octagon but I don't see him stopping Lytle even with all the improvement since these two last fought. But hey, if Brown puts on enough of a show the chances are good he could walk away with his half of the fight of the night bonus.
Pick: Lytle

Krzysztof Soszynski vs Stephan Bonnar
The only reason this rematch is happening is because of the controversy surrounding the ending of their last fight what with Bonnar being cut by an accidental head butt. Had that fight been allowed to conclude it probably would have gone down as a decision victory for Soszynski. Bonnar is an exciting fighter and I'll miss him but I think the UFC will find him something to do around there.
Pick: Soszynski

George Sotiropoulos vs Kurt Pellegrino
If Kurt Pellegrino is Batman then Sotiropoulos is Darkseid's Omega Sanction. For those of you who don't read comics that was an attempt at cleverly stating Pellegrino is going to lose. Why? Because I think Sotiropoulos can handle whatever ol' "Batman" can dish out and then submit him, that's why.
Pick: Sotiropoulos

World 8-3: Nerd it up

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