F*ck you haters dissin me, CarWIN's gonna rewrite history!

Oh, well hello, I didn't see you there.
Step in, sit down, gaze in amazement at the ABM lair.

I figured since I've been deemed 'wigger of mania' round here,
Why get angry? May as well salute, and have a beer
Come Sunday we as an army will not be shedding tears
As its our bold, courageous, and genius thinking that blocks any fears.

Like vuvuzala's ringing hell through Dana's cranium,
We just can't wait to see Borck wake up in the insanium,
Or sorry insane asylum, either way he's been put to rest by Shanium
Without any shame'ium,
I mean his fist is made of titanium.

But the best was hearing the fear and tremble in Borck tone,
When he was posed questions on Jim Rome.
He spoke of on Sunday bringing the belt home?
He talks so much sh*t, but hey how's it go, "When in Rome?"

So bringing the belt home Sunday?
Yeah, riiight... And Adam Lambert is straight, not gay...
Oh to be fortunate enough to be cageside where the blood will spray.
Or better yet the operating room where his corpse shall lay.
Either way
A beautiful display.

I was dearly anointed the wigger role from my friend/foe puck.
Though he experienced first hand from behind, that indeed Cyborg tucks.
I believe I'll be decked out in pinstripes like a GSP tux,
For the funeral, hey Eminem "I just don't give a fuckkk".

But it wasn't only Puck, "Lemme talk about Pdub"
That's what she said! While he tried to f*ck her with his weenie stub,
Til she said "Hey, ummm, ya why don't you just give it a rub",
"Oh, and when you're done bitch, go run the water in my tub".

Now I know y'all be laughing, and you could probs get cramps
But on the real, did you think you'd escape my wrath Champ?
As weak as your comebacks are? When I was 5 I made stronger bike ramps.
Ya. Ya just two pieces of wood,
But I guess yo' momma was used to seeing wood all time in the hood
Like the Borck pain train engine she's screamin "I wish I could, I wish I could"
But hey
A quick spray
No worries man, we all knew she would.

Oh and speaking on today?
Where the f*ck is that "Whyte kid" Jay?
Me him had beef since the very first day!
But ya. We all know, he's quiet you say?
Then I guess I'll let him slide come Judgment Day
I know, I know Shane has more power "That's ABM hearsay!"
Well come Sunday,
The only relevant Jay
Will be young hova as out his mouth he states,
"What more can I sayyyy"?

A tribute to the longest run since ICP's Great Milenko,
Second only to the longest undefeated record... FEDOR EMELIANENKO!

So when Shane enters the cage come Saturday night,
You Borckin WWE fans, like Undertaker you best turn out the lights
Oh and one last thing, ENJOY THE FIGHTS!!!


*ABM* Muahahahahahaha

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