UFC 116 Predicitions


This one is a tough one to call but, I think I'm going to go with Sotiropoulos due to the fact that he just defeated a real tough opponet in Joe Stevenson via decision which is a big mark for his career.  Even though Pellegrino has a huge win streak going I think George will win that war by split decision.


Soszynski/Bonnar 2

I'm going to have to go Krzysztof taking this one yet again.  I think Bonnar is no where near what he used to be.  Even though the last fight was called due to a nasty cut, I see Krzysztof getting another TKO 2nd rd.  Training under a legend like Henderson is going to help Soszynski a lot in his career which is still young. 



I'm going to give the edge to Chris on this fight just due to the simple fact that he has a great power and awesome cardio.  Brown has yet to win a fight that went to decision (which by the way he has only had 2 fights go 3 rds.)  Look for Lytle to work the stand up and walk away with a unamious decision. 



This fight can go either way but, if Akiyama stands with Chris, "1st class ticket to KO City."  However, Akiyama is a good fighter and can beat Leban if the fight stays away from stand up.  My prediction however, is Leban wins via KO 1st rd.  Akiyama doesn't have the chin to throw with Chris and I'm sure he will get caught slippin'.


Lesnar/Carwin (HW Title Fight)

2 Top HW collide.  Its going to be one of the most interesting battles UFC HW division has ever seen.  I see this fight going one of two ways, 1) Lesnar takes Carwin to the ground and continues his 85% strike rating from ground and pound or 2) Carwin (who has very under-rated wrestling background/skills) stops the take down and makes Brock stand with him.  If #2 happens Brock is done for 2 more reasons. 1) Carwin is the best dirty boxer in the UFC and 2) Brock only lands 15% of his strikes standing.  I understand it only takes one to end the fight but, Carwin has shown he can take a punch (ie the Gonzaga fight.)  I'm going Carwin 2nd rd TKO.  Sorry Brock fans.  Good thing from this, someone made it out of the first round with Shane. 

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