Just came back from an MMA seminar run by the team of Paradise Warrior Retreat Center.

The seminar was held at the MMA expo in Toronto Canada.

The way it works is that yoram(The president of PWR) Brings top of the line fighters, each master of his own art to interact and teach people with all levels of experience.

It started at 10 am. Our first instructor was JAKE SHIELDS. Jakes class was all about the ground, he would teach us a move then while we are practicing the move jake would walk around and correct peoples mistakes, main emphasis was on transitions on the ground (great stuff). After jake came "KING MO". Mo emphasizes on take downs and take down defense.

Mo is all about the details every move mo thought us was a composite of many little details(correct head position,correct body position,correct hand\leg positions,correct body angles)if any thing in our posture was not perfect mo would stop and correct it, That made the whole wrestling part really easy to someone like me with zero level of experience.

Our day ended with FIRAS ZAHABI. Firas started us up with an intense stand up session, Firases philosophy is " be unpredictable " for that reason his focus was on teaching us as many combinations as possible. leg kick,fake a leg kick that turns into a straight kick,straight kick that turns into a superman punch,fake leg kick that turns into a spinning back fist etc...etc..... the combos just kept coming. That's how GSP does it.

Our second day started with more MO and FIRAS(again great stuff), by noon time it was BIBIANO FERNANDES that took the stage(if you do not know bibiano look him up).  Bibianos class was brazilian jujitsu, and there is no one better than him in that department. Bibiano went over some of the common jujitsu submissions and made every thing look so graceful, we could all see where the nick name flash came from.

Our seminar ended with PATRICK COTE. Patrick focused on stand up, clinch work and kicks lots of kicks.

What was surprising is how nice all these guys are, the cab driver that took us to our hotel was meaner than all the fighters we have met during this seminar.

Thank you Yoram for this unforgettable experience, i cant wait till the next seminar happening in vegas             

(july24-25  PWR + TAPOUT GYMS  ).

For  info regarding the upcoming seminar

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