Eating Crow: Strikeforce LA

Eating Crow: Strikeforce LA




It sounds like a cliche, but anything can happen in the sport of MMA, and it's true.


Sports writers tend to make predictions and we are usually wrong, so we need to be called out on our shortcomings, at least I feel like I do.


It's time for me to eat some crow. How much did I eat? Will any parts of the glorious, nubian bird be left behind? Look below to find out.


The Strikeforce LA event at the Nokia Theater featured a main event card between Renato Sobral and Robbie Lawler. Also in action were Mariusz Zaromskis vs Evangelista Santos, Trevor Prangley vs Tim Kennedy, and KJ Noons vs Conor Heun.


Noons vs Heun


I predicted Noons would win against Conor, but I predicted a KO. Noons walked away with a Split decision victory. Although he landed some big shots, Heun was way better on the feet than I thought he would be and ate the big uppercuts Noons was landing all night with a smile on his face. I ate some wings on this one.


Prangley vs Kennedy


I thought Prangley's MMA and wrestling experience would help him grind out unanimous decision victory against the Strikeforce Challengers journeyman, Tim Kennedy. It couldn't have gone much differently. The South African was able to score some takedowns, but he couldn't secure a dominant position on Kennedy, who was able to reverse Prangley's slams and eventually take the former All American NCAA division's back and succinctly choke him out. Kennedy looked phenomenal in this fight and Prangley looked like a wrestler who didn't know how to do much else. I ate the whole damn bird on this one.


Zaromskis vs Santos


There is crow blood in my belly, with black feathers popping from out of my mouth. Not only did Zaromskis not score a head kick knockout on Santos (not for a lack of trying) but he was rocked several times by the Brazilian and was put to sleep in the first round by a counter left hook after a flying knee attempt. Santos bested Zaromskis at his own game, and for this, I eat an entire raven.


Babalu vs Lawler


More crow in my tummy for this one. I predicted Lawler would tap the suspect chin of Babalu sometime during the fight and win via KO or TKO. Babalu surprisingly stood up well against Lawler and was able to score some takedowns during the course of the fight. Babalu was able to do enough to win the fight to gain a decision. Not the knock out fest, or submission from Babalu I thought would happen.


Overall, only one person I predicted who would win came away with a "W". For this, I eat almost an entire crow, leaving a few feathers and bones from the wing behind.






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