Machida Era?? That didnt last long.



Mauricio Shogun Rua is the new UFC light heavyweight champion. Like most people I thought he won back at 104. I'm so glad he ended it with a knockout this time. I'm not a Machida hater or anything, he's an amazing fighter, I just like Shogun's aggressive style. And this time it proved too much for Machida. I think Machida is gonna be to shogun, what Kenny Florian is to BJ, number 2. I think Machida would destroy alot of the fighters in the LH division. 

I love when a division gets shaken up a bit, this creates some interesting new matchups. If the winner of Rampage and Rashad get the next shot i think either one will get dominated. Shogun already beat Rampage via TKO (Soccer kicks to the head), and Im not even sure if Rashad will beat Rampage. If Rashad does i think shogun will be to much for him, unless Rashad can control him on the ground for 5 rounds.. I would like to see lil Nog get another shot at Shogun, but i dont think a win over Jason Brilz justifies that. Another interesting matchup is with Anderson Silva, his friend Machida is no longer the champion, so maybe he can finally vacate the middleweight title and jump to 205. I dont think of Forrest Griffin being in the top 5 anymore, but if he could get a win over a upper echelon opponent would yall like to see the rematch? He is one of the four people that beat him.

As for Machida, I'm not sure who he would fight next. If Rampage were to lose at the end of the month, i think that would be the best match up available. Machida already beat Rashad and did it decisively, and he wont fight lil Nog. So that would leave us Forrest griffin, Ryan Bader, and Jon Jones in my mind. I dont think forrest stands a chance, Bader needs more experience and so does Jon Jones. But outta those three Jones would have the best shot. It just doesnt seem like theres too many match ups out there for Machida right now that would be competitive.

So Maniacs l'd like to hear any match ups you have in mind for either of these fighters

On a side note, do yall think Daley being cut for good from the UFC is to much? No doubt it was a bitch move on Daleys part, not arguing with anyone on that. I was just expecting a suspension or fine.

Did anyone see what cut Koscheck, when the supposed illegal knee happened? At first i thought it landed cause he started bleeding right after Daley threw that, but the replay barely looked like it clipped him.

And Kimbo was cut after the fight, he's a good guy, but would never be top 20 in the UFC

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