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    With UFC 113 rearing it's crazy head in this week, I'm very curious as to what you guys have picked on your bets.  On my last post, I discussed the odds for several fights, some that have yet to be fought.  Many of the fights I went over were from 112, in Abu Dhabi.  If you bet like I did, then the big ufc 112 payday was... well, never came.  As we all know, Frankie Edgar pulled the upset which sent my bets packing.  I barely held on to my funds thanks to Anderson Silva and the come through victory of Mark Munoz.  My betting downward spiral BEGAN there.  I had a few bucks to spare in my betting account and decided to go for some Strikeforce bets... bad move.  Henderson let me down and Gegard cruised me straight to disappointville.  

     Rule 1, ONLY use funds you can afford to lose, in my case, free money awarded to me by the online sites!  So, I've decided to use the rest of my betting funds on the NBA playoffs and on 113.  If you haven't seen the betting odds, check out the picture I've put together below:


Once again, (-) negative numbers represent the favorites and (+) positive numbers represent the underdogs based off a hundred dollar scale.  


MY PREDICTIONS (for what it's worth)

Stout vs Stephens | Stout showed me such an impressive performance in his last fight that I'm not hesitating on this fight.  Stout via 3rd round TKO or unanimous decision.

Mitrione vs Slice | This is a hard one to call on my end.  We haven't seen to much from either fighter, since Mitrione hasn't had a fight since the nasty KO of Marcus Jones.  Kimbo on the other hand, sounds to be steadily improving in all aspects but is still battling the infamous age issue.  Hopefully his work at ATT has prepped him enough for the tough competition ahead of him.  Kimbo via KO 2nd round.

Koscheck vs Daley |  I've been looking forward to this fight since the initial rumors.  I believe Koscheck is the all around better fighter, but I honestly think he's a bit intimidated by Daley & Daley's demeanor.  Rather then a prediction, I'll say what I would love to see; that is a 1st round KO win for Daley.

Machida vs Rua | Their bbbbaaaaaaaAAAaaacccckkkkk.  Shogun & Lyoto's first fight can be summed up in one word controversial.  The second time around might be the complete opposite.  Both fighters have a better feel of their opponent, and strikes will be better conducted.  So who wins this one?  Will Shogun prove his performance the first time around was not a fluke?  Will Lyoto stay composed and successfully defend his title?  I think not.  Rua via decision.


PARLAY | Taking it to the next level

     For those bettors who have no idea what a parlay is, here's a quick sum up:

A parlay is a series of bets compiled together to form one big bet, for example a bet on Machida, Kos & Kimbo winning.  These three bets form one parlay bet which will win you more money then separate straight bets.  Seems sweet right?  Well, there's a huge downfall.  If one fighter in your parlay were to lose, the entire bet is void.  Not so super now huh?  Let's take a closer look into the possible parlays for UFC 113 in the graph I put together below (try to keep up)


Each winning amount is based on a $5 (minimum) parlay bet.  Remember, ALL four fighters have to be victorious for you to receive the winning amount.  If all my predictions are right (shogun,daley,kimbo,stout) I'd be looking at a winning tab of $100.72 all from a $5 parlay.



     Now please, share your predictions!  I've read a ton of input online, but I can't wait to read your inputs.  Good luck on your bets guys!

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