Bright Eyed Enthusiasm! Picks for UFC 114


Well, here it is ladies and germs, the official Kidnutcase predictions for UFC 114. I actually didn't do too bad with my Strikeforce picks so who knows, maybe you should wager some of your hard-earned coin on my ramblings. A safer bet would be putting that money in a jar and saving up to get that puppy you've always wanted. 2010 is your year to be happy and don't let anyone tell you different.

Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans
Boy oh boy is it gonna suck for whoever loses this fight. After all the shit talking and accusations of homosexuality it's really going to be a hard day after for the guy who doesn't come out on top in this fight. That being said I think Rashad will take this, but that's only because of two factors. The first one is Rashad has spent the last year in training camps and taking fights and Rampage has been hanging out by the catering table. The second is what I like to refer to as the "Hollywood curse" that seems to plague MMA fighters like a mark of ultimate doom. Don't believe me? Well lets take a look at some of the more notable fighters that lose their first match(or sometimes more than that) after letting their star shine bright in the moving pictures(or trying to at least): Randy Couture, Roger Huerta, Gina Carano, hell, we'll even throw Keith Jardine in here for his 5 seconds in Crank 2.
If this fight had gone down when it was supposed to I would have spit on the ground had you told me Rashad would win this. However, with Rampage being in questionable shape with questionable drive to do this fight thing anymore, not to mention his future in Hollywood a big questionable question mark who knows how he'll perform? Yes, for the record I still hope he knocks Rashad the fuck out BUT...
Pick: Rashad

Michael Bisping vs Dan Miller
Dan Miller may have lost his last two fights, but losing to Maia and Sonnen is nothing to sneeze at. Sure, Bisping lost to Wandy but it wasn't the devastating, lights out, no post fight interview with Joe Rogan knockout loss he received at the hands of Hendo. I wouldn't necessarily count Miller out as cannon fodder but if Bisping puts on the same show he did against Kang I think he should bring home Wolfslair's win for the evening.
Pick: Bisping

Todd Duffee vs Mike Russow
Personally, I think this will be a brawl not seen since 1962 when King Kong fought Godzilla. Factoring in Duffee's last impressive victory and his current Blizzard rage I pick him to walk away the victor.
Pick: Duffee

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Jason Brilz
We we're promised a Little Nog knockout and by god we're still going to get one! Props to Jason Brilz for being the sacrificial lamb that kept this fight from being scrapped altogether.
Pick: Little Nog

Diego Sanchez vs John Hathaway
Diego Sanchez did the right thing by leaving the 155lb division and going back up to welterweight. John Hathaway has done the right thing everytime he's fought apparently since he's 12-0. Sure, Diego has roughed it up with higher profile fighters than Hathaway but he hasn't been able to always turn those into victories. Diego is dangerous but I think Hathaway has more to prove in this fight.
Pick: Hathaway

Spike Fights

Amir Sadollah vs Dong Hyun Kim
Both fighters are coming off of wins. Kim has Judo and Amir has BJJ. This could probably go either way although I think Kim might be the favorite. Not in my book kids, I'm going with Amir either by decision or a submission late in the fight.
Pick: Amir

Efrain Escudero vs Dan Lauzon
Poor Dan, abandoned by his corner, left out in the cold, cold night by his lonesome. Listen, even WITH his corner I'd choose Efrain to take this but with all the drama going on with the Lauzons I'd wager that his head isn't totally in this thing. Remember how at the end of Kickboxer, Jean-Claude couldn't put a proper whooping on Tong Po until he knew his brother was safe and his personal matters we're in order? Ok ok so it was a little bit different but unless Joe reveals himself in the crowd, whistles his brother's attention and gives him an approving fist pump I see Dan having to fight through too much personal bullshit to win this.
Pick: Efrain

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