UFC Heavyweight 16-Man Tourney: Semi-Final #1

We will poll each fight individually, for 1 day, beginning with opening round Match #1.  MMA Mania has the most knowledgeable MMA online community, so please feel free to post your pick in the comments along with your analysis of how you see the fights breaking down.  Hopefully this will give us something to do on slow news days.

It was extremely hard to come up with seeding for this tourney as Cain, Shane, and Jr all have a good argument for the #2 seed.  For that reason, I put the 3 names in a hat and drew for seeds 2-4.  For the rest of the seedings, I utilized multiple MMA rankings, while also taking styles into consideration.

***NOTE***  In the event of a tie, a randomly selected Maniac will act as the tie breaker.  That Maniac will be the 1st person to write a comment in the post thread.  So if you are the 1st to post a comment, make sure to include which fighter you voted for!!!!


1   B. Lesnar

16  C. Tuchscherer           

Match1                       1  B. Lesnar

                                         QF1                  1  B. Lesnar

Match 2                       8  G. Gonzaga

8  G. Gonzaga                              

9  H. Herring                                                                                                  

                                                                   Semi-Final 1                  Winner SF #1

5  F. Mir                                                           

12  G. Yvel                                                                 

Match 3                      5  F. Mir                             

                                        QF2                    4  C. Velasquez

Match 4                      4  C. Velasquez

4  C. Velasquez                                                          

13  S. Struve  

                                                                                                    Tournament Championship                                                                                                                                                              

6  A.  Nogueira                                                                 

11  M. Crocop                                                                 

Match 5                     6  A. Nogueira

                                       QF3                     3  J. Dos Santos

Match 6                     3  J.  Dos Santos

3  J. Dos Santos                                        

14  T. Duffee                                                                                                  

                                                                    Semi-Final 2                 Winner SF#2

7  R. Nelson

10  C. Kongo 

Match 7                      7  R. Nelson

                                        QF4                    2  S. Carwin

Match 8                     2  S. Carwin

2  S. Carwin

15  B. Rothwell


QF #4:  Carwin showed once again that he is the real deal by handling Big Country to the tune of  69% of the vote.  He now completes the Final Four, and will face down JDS in the Semi-Finals...

Semi-Final #1:  So we have come to what is unquestionably the biggest challenge of Brock's young career.  Thus far, both Cain and Brock have breezed through the competition.  But I think we are in for a very close fight here.  Brock brings in a size/strength advantage, and likely a small wrestling advantage.  While Brock has always displayed good cardio, I have to give Cain a slight advantage in that department.  The striking advantage has to go to Cain at this point as well.  How will this one break down?  I'm not sure...  But allow me to add this.  Brock's fight's have all been basically mirror images of one another.  Overpowering takedowns which lead to vicious GNP.  He hasn't really displayed a clear evolution in other areas in his fights.  Cain on the other hand, seems to display new techniques each time out.  At this point, I believe that Cain's all-around game is evolving at a quicker pace (evidenced by his vastly improved striking, head movement, use of angles).  Just my 2 cents...  Enough jibber-jabber, let's get it on...


  Brock Lesnar Finishes Randy Couture UFC 91


  Cain Velasquez Leg Kicks Denis Stojnic From Clinch UFN 17

So lets hear it Maniacs.  Will the favorites move on, or will we see an underdog rise to the top?  You decide.

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