I wrote up a piece for another site on this topic, but now that the Bloody Elbow exodus is in full effect I figured I would post a little something here. Anyway, I was suspended from BE a few days ago for the following comment:

"Finally Tito gets a W... but on a serious not I hope that the kids were not subjected to anything, with both of their sketchy pasts I bet they had a lot of bad stuff to say."

 I guess making a tame joke about a 95 lb. porn star claiming that her 230 lb. cage fighter boyfriend hit her (even though she didn't have a mark on her) on a website called Bloody Elbow is just way out of line. As you can imagine the ban message I received was VERY professional. Here it is:

"Finally Tito gets a W?" Yeah... I've been waiting to do this for a long time:fuck off."

But what would you expect from a website where the mods and writers tell people to commit suicide on a public forum for not agreeing with them?

 I already had one foot out the door being that one of their mods over there wouldn't stop giving me crap (not sure which one, because he is to much of a coward to attach his name to anything he has written me). I posted a prediction thread on the last WEC event, and after it came true people on the site started Rec'ing it, and complementing me on my foresight. I guess this mod got some e-jealousy because when I woke up the next morning it was deleted. When I posted a question asking why it got deleted, that post got deleted too along with getting a message that looked as if it was written by a 14-year old high school girl, telling me if I had a prob I had to email him (didn't leave me his email address). I am not an extra from "Mean Girls" so I didn't indulge him in a response, just let him have his cheap thrill. I guess that was a big no-no. In my time on the site I never used vulgar language towards other members, fighter bashed, or used any racist/sexist comments. But I simply just stated my opinions and predictions on things (which came true about 100% of the time), but I guess having different opinions is too scary.

 Bloody Elbow and their legion of dweeb "sheep mentality" followers have become the internet equivalent of the white guy who claims his best friend is black when called out as being a racist. So eager and insecure about the sport they claim as their own that any chance you have to show how "anti-savage" you are you jump on it, but only when it suits their needs. The whole Tito situation would of been a completely different story if it involved one of MMA's golden boys. It was just easy to pile on Tito because no one is looking forward to his next fight. If you don't believe I have two words for you, Anthony Johnson.  If B.E was a site where everyone had to behave as if they were at Sunday school it would be one thing but the hypocrisy is laughable. It's not okay to make comments about the lying attention hungry porn star, but its hysterical that after every single Cyborg fight 90% of the conversation is about her penis size. Its okay for people to have avatars of women crotches and make comments like "I would choose Rampage to be beside me in a street fight because he is not scared to run a bitch over." Not to mention that their weekly quote section/article is filled with fighter bashing week after week. There is a reason why fighters and organizations treat the site like the joke that it is; even though they desperately try to be legitimate and give the impression they are some how better than other MMA sites. Which leads me to my final point.   

 I am talking not only to the B.E cult but all the elitist fans when I say this: This is not YOUR sport. So many people online love to behave like they are some how superior to others because of their join date or the fact that they watched UFC 1 on PPV. Guys like Gracie, Couture, Coleman, Severn, Shamrock, and Frye made this sport and fighters like GSP, Silva, Penn, Liddell have built it up to where it is today. This is their sport. Their blood, sweat, and tears are the reason we get to watch this sport today. What do you think goes through their heads when they go on a forum to read this elitism from guys pounding their cheeto stained fingers into there moms desktop? I am sure they are laughing at you, so you can now step off your high horse. What makes this "YOUR" sport? Is it because you write about these guys? Maybe you have a UFC on Demand membership? Is it your large collection of Tapout shirts? Or is it because you buy all the UFC action figures? 

 The great thing about the B.E purge is that people like me that were not aware of all the other MMA sites on SBnation now have the chance to join communities where you don't have to praise the Mods with cult like affection to stick around.  Fans of MMA (new and old school) will be much more likely to stick around sites like this, then get banned for their opinions else where. Sites like BE have to potential to scare away new fans forever, so the quicker they fade the better it is for MMA.

 I hope that my followers from BE (by the way I am flattered you guys are still talking about me, and linking my work in Fanposts and Fanshots) will check out this site after reading my piece, and maybe break free of the cult because its pretty cool here.  Its going to be fun be able to post an OPINION again, it kind of reminds me of the internet.  

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