My UFC Rankings

Obviously this is a topic thats very debatable and every one has their opinions. Feel free to state your position on my rankings, if you feel i left someone out, or someone should be moved up go ahead and state your case. I'll try to include a brief explanation for why some fighters are where they are.


UFC Heavyweight Division

  1. Brock Lesnar
  2. Shane Carwin
  3. Cain Velasquez
  4. Junior Dos Santos
  5. Frank Mir
  6. Roy Nelson
  7. Antonio Nogueira
  8. Cheick Kongo
  9. Gabriel Gonzaga
  10. Stefan Struve
Alright these are my heavyweight rankings. Brock is number one because he is the Champ and has been dominant in all of his fights. Shane is number two also due to dominant performances where no one has made it out of the first round with this guy, he's got crazy power in his hands and also has great wrestling and 5 wins by submission. Cain is number 3 because he is undefeated and is well rounded. Honestly i think you could make a good arguement for Cain or JDS to be the next contender. JDS is at number 4, the only reason for that is because we havent seen him on the ground, and thats not his fault at all, im pretty sure he will be champion soon. Mir comes in at number 5, he is a great fighter, but just cant handle the power of the super heavyweights, but he is the one man thats beat Lesnar, but took a beating before doing so. I have Roy Nelson at 6, this is debatable, but he has been impressive in his two UFC fights, finishing with  knock outs, and we know he has a great ground game. Nogueira is number 7, he is 1-2 in his last 3 fights, and has lost to top 5 talent in those losses, thats why i have him just on the outside of the top 5. Kongo has also lost to top 5 talent, and has been one dimensional, so i have him at 8, but he will always be a gatekeeper, and lose to a good wrestler. Gonzaga is a talented guy with good stand up and great BJJ, but i dont see him getting back to the top 5, so he'll sit at 9 for now. Stefan Struve has the potential to move up in the division as he gets more experience, his only losses in the UFC have come by JDS and Nelson, struve sits at 10 for the time being.

Light Heavyweight Division

  1. Lyoto Machida
  2. Shogun Rua
  3. Rashad Evans
  4. Rampage Jackson
  5. Lil Nogueira
  6. Jon Jones
  7. Thiago Silva
  8. Ryan Bader
  9. Forrest Griffin
  10. Randy Couture
There is alot of talent in the light heavyweight division so i had a hard time coming up with this one. The top 4 in this division is gonna be rearranged by the end of May with all four of the fighters facing off.
So I have Machida as number one, he is the champ and is undefeated and has looked great in his career, he's beat guys like Rich franklin, Bj Penn, tito ortiz, and rashad evans all former UFC Champions. I personally thought Shogun beat him in the last fight but well see who wins the the secoond time around next saturday. Shogun comes in at number two, another incredibly talented brazilian with great striking, and submissions, hes faced alot of talent in the past. Rashad Evans is number 3 in the division with his lone loss coming from the champ, hes a well rounded guy, but i dont see him being the champ again. Rampage Jackson is at 4, he is 8-1 in his last 9 fights, well see how he does after the long layoff. Lil Nogueira has only had one fight in the UFC, but he has a long and impressive record, he is currently on a 6 fight win streak, and i can see him moving up into the top three soon. Jon Jones is at 6, one of the young up and comers, he has been impressive in his fights and will most likely be a champion in the future, I look forward to seeing him face tougher competition. Thiago Silva comes in 7th, he has been impressive in his UFC career, only losing to the current champ machida, and former champ Rashad. He hasnt fought to much top competition other than his two losses so its kinda hard to tell where he stands in the division. Ryan Bader is another young star at 8, who has alot of potential, he was a division 1 wrestler and possesses knockout power, i think he needs to work on his cardio though, because he has gassed in his past two fights. Forrest Griffin is ranked at 9, I think he's just gonna be a gatekeeper at this point, this division is stacked, and i dont see him beating lil nog, of course no one said he would beat shogun either. He is also a funny fucker. Wasnt really sure who to put as ten but Randy is coming off two wins, his fight with Vera was controversial, and he beat an old past his prime coleman, so not all that impressive, but ill put him at ten.
Middleweight Division
  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Chael Sonnen
  3. Vitor Belfort
  4. Nate Marquardt
  5. Demian Maia
  6. Yoshihiro Akiyama
  7. Wanderlei Silva
  8. Yushin Okami
  9. Michael Bisping
  10. Aaron Simpson
Of course we have Silva at number one, not even gonna explain that one. Chael Sonnen is at number 2, he's surprised alot of people in his past few fights. Vitor is on a five fight win streak, and creates alot of interesting new matchups in the middleweight division. Nate is coming off a loss to Chael, but is still one of the top fighters in the division. Demian Maia is at 5 coming off a loss to the champ, but i give him props for not quitting. Akiyama is number 6, he hasnt lost since 2005, and im looking forward to his next match with Wanderlei. Wanderlei is at 7, coming off a win against Bisping, this ranking might be undeserved, but I think he belongs in the top ten at middleweight. Yushin Okami is at 8, his last loss was to Sonnen, hes looking to get back on track. Bisping is at 9, he's only lost 3 matches in his career all against top talent like Henderson, Rashad, and Wanderlei. Aaron simpson comes in at 10, he's on a long win streak, and cant wait to see him fight some top ten opponents. I think Alan Belcher, and Roushimar Palhares deserve honorable mention. their just outside the top ten in my opinion.
Welterweight Division
  1. Georges St Pierre
  2. Jon Fitch
  3. Thiago Alves
  4. Josh Koscheck
  5. Paulo Thiago
  6. Paul Daley
  7. Dan Hardy
  8. Diego Sanchez
  9. Matt Hughes
  10. Ricardo Almeida
I dont need to explain why GSP is number one. Fitch is at number 2 because his only loss in quite some time has been to GSP, regardless of how boring he can be he deserves his spot at 2. Thiago Alves is at 3, he has only lost too the top 2 guys on this list, and is looking to redeem his loss to fitch soon. Koscheck is at 4 because hes well rounded and his only losses our too guys in the top 5. Paul Daley is at 6, because he beat two guys that were in the top 10 at the time and made it look fairly easy. Dan Hardy is ranked at 7 because his lone loss in the UFC is to GSP, he's a great fighter, just needs some takedown defense. Diego is back at welterweight, and his only losses at 170 were to top 5 talent, so I put him at number 8. Matt Hughes is at 9, his only losses were to GSP, Penn, and Alves in the UFC, he needs to fight top 5 if he wants to get back in the hunt. Almeida i have a tenth he is riding a three fight win streak, his last loss was to Cote.
Lightweight Division
  1. BJ Penn
  2. Kenny Florian
  3. Frankie Edgar
  4. Gray Maynard
  5. Sean Sherk
  6. George Sotiropolous
  7. Tyson Griffin
  8. Kurt Pelligrino
  9. Evan Dunham
  10. I honestly dont know who to put here
I have Penn at number one still, i think he'll take his title back at 118, and continue to dominant the division for another year or two. Kenny is at 2, i think he could take Edgar, and he is one of the best at light weight. Edgar is at 3, no doubt he is a tough dude with good boxing technique and wrestling, i think hell be in the top 5 for some time. Maynard isnt the most exciting fighter but he deserves his spot at number 4.Sean Sherk is at 5 because his only losses in the past like 10 years have come from either current champions or former champions. George is at 6, and on a win streak, he looked great in his performances, he completely dominated joe stevenson. Tyson Griffin i have at 7, hes a great fighter with his losses also coming from champions. Kurt Pelligrino comes in at 8, he is riding a four fight win streak, and continues to improve. Evan Dunham is undefeated in his career, looking forward to seeing him fight tougher competition.

Alright Maniacs lets hear your opinion on my rankings, I dont expect everyone to agree, obviously everyone has their opinions and id like to hear them. I probably should have made this easier to read, i realize its just a bunch of words thrown together, but forgive me i was bored.
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