New UFC Undisputed 2010 Developers Q&A for May 14


UFC Undisputed 2010 is less than two weeks away from hitting store shelves and if you haven't checked out our exclusive hands on review of the latest and greatest mixed martial arts video game you can do that here.

While fans eagerly await the next installment in the UFC Undisputed series, THQ developers took some time out of their post-production schedule to answer another batch of questions from inquisitive gamers who want to know what's new and improved for 2010.

Can "Rampage" Jackson execute his trademarked slam? Will your fighter be able to switch weight classes during his career? What about in-game voice chat?

Find out the answers to these questions and more after the jump.


"My question comes from watching Belcher faceplant/powerbomb Cote last night. I notice neither Rashad nor Rampage has the powerbomb/piledriver slam from the sprawl position this year. Has this move been removed or will other fighters (such as Nate Marquadt, who famously did it on Thales Leites) have it in the full game?"

There was some controversy with the piledriver in last year's game in that technically, spiking your opponent on the head is an illegal technique. Undisputed has a pretty strict policy against illegal moves, as most UFC fighters are class acts and illegal techniques are quite infrequent, so this move was removed.

We still have lots of slams in the game though, including some all-new ones, so please check them out!

"With the new clinch mechanics (which are fantastic) do any fighters in the full game still possess the flying armbar move?"


"Will THQ tweak Machida's trip takedown for balance? If not, what is your design explanation for giving him a nearly instantaneous takedown that has no struggle state?"

We test Undisputed for game balance extensively, but let's be honest - the community is going to log more play hours the first day Undisputed is released than in all of the testing time we've done all year - things are going to come to light that don't reveal themselves through internal play. With that said we are aware of the potential balance issues that some people feel when dealing with takedowns without a struggle state, and we're monitoring the issue.

And if you saw this weekend's fight, I'd say we got Machida's takedown just right... kidding!

"Any tips to defend against Machida's takedown? It's overpowering!"

While it has no "struggle state," holding away from your opponent on the Right Stick/Right Analog while he's shooting on you (that is, before the fighters make contact) will defend against Machida's takedown 100% of the time.

"Does Rampage have his slam when someone gets him in the triangle?"

Ramage's slams are actually one of the most contentious issues during the development of Undisputed. While he was famous for them in Pride, he actually hasn't performed any slams in the UFC. We've chosen to try and recreate the UFC-era Rampage this year, which means no slams out of the triangle for the moment.

Of course, we have the functionality to update moves lists via DLC, so if Rampage ever does perform a UFC-era slam (or a head kick), we could always add it to his repertoire.

"I still can't seem to get submission transitions down whatsoever, could you explain again? (or provide any more tips?)"

If you're talking about Submission Switching (in real mixed martial arts, they are known as submission transitions), hold down the technique button (LB/L1) and press the Submission button (RSB/R3) in the midst of a submission that has a valid Switch. Each character has different Submission Switches, so consult the Action List in the pause menu to find out if your fighter has the available Switch you're attempting.

"Are there sweeps from the bottom this year, across the different guard positions?"

Yes, but they are rare. This is a concept we wanted to move away from a bit last year, as we felt their use in last year's game was unrealistic. We also didn't feel like the potential for protracted periods of top-control as they exist in reality were accurately reflected in 2009.

Career Mode:

"When you create a fighter, will you have to finish a career with him before you can use him in online play?"

No! You can now use your Career CAF in online play at any point you wish.

"Does career mode and being in an online camp work together? Or is it that you can't join a camp until you finish your career?"

These two modes definitely work together! Online Fight Camp Training is a gameplay type specifically created to merge the benefits of Career Mode and online Fight Camps. Between each fight in your Career, you'll have the opportunity to participate in an online training session with a member of your online Fight Camp. These training sessions will give you fighter an added CRED bonus that will advance his career faster. Plus, it will foster cooperation and camaraderie with your fight camp. We really like this feature.

"Will photo shoots & interviews STEAL a whole week from training time as it did in 2009? One day events should not screw up a full week."

We've made some changes to the activities in Undisputed 2010 - photo shoots and interviews are out. While they still take a week, they're all interactive, and we think players will really enjoy them!

"In 2009 once you went through career mode say as a light weight then wanted to go up a weight class your custom fighters attribute points would be reset. Is there a way to make the custom fighters able to compete in two weight classes or be able to go up a weight class?"

During the course of your Career you can be offered the opportunity to move up or down a weight class. And just like last year, you can reuse a fighter likeness in as many weight classes as you want, but no, stats do not carry over from career to career.

"When can we expect a UFC game where we can choose real fighters to play to the Career Mode? I know a lot of people want this in the game."

This is a pretty cool idea!

Fight Camps:

"Will you be able to teach the moves you learn in career mode from the various camps, to members of your own personal camp?"

We debated this, but ultimately we were concerned about how limiting this might be, as circumstances would have to align themselves (you being online at the same time as your buddy, etc.) to ensure that you could learn or teach the right moves. We feel that the move allocation system we've gone with has much less frustration involved with it.

"Will you be able to spar with members of your camp via online?"



"What's new with the online... will there be voice chat while in a game?"

Yes! We've also added additional voice chat functionality for you and your fight camp members.

"Is there going to be a lobby system?"

Yes! We also have Online Fight camps, which are a full lobby unto themselves, exclusive to you and the members of your fight camp.

"I just was wondering if the connection is going to be as bad as it was on 2009 in 2010 for people in Hawaii online?"

I can't speak specifically to people in Hawaii, but we have taken steps to improve connections between all players. We've moved away from a system that favored the first available match to a system that favors the "best" available match, if that makes sense.

"The BIGGEST problem with 09 was all the scrubs quitting out. Is that going to be fixed this year? I know you can't control people leaving but will they get a loss if they dashboard or turn off the system? With this fight camp thing that is in this game I know for a FACT that these scrubs will quit a lot more often than normal. Any help will be great."

Anyone who leaves a match early will be given a loss as well as a "Did Not Finish" on their records.

For the rest of the Developer's Q&A check out the UFC Undisputed Community Forum by clicking here.

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