I need your help boys. Read my oppinion post on Shad/Page and tell me what you think


When making predictions, since none of us are privy enough to see fighters in their training camps and only get glimpse of Primetime exerts…we have to make are predictions over the assumption, that if both Fighters come into the fight in top shape,and injury free, and analyze how their skills sets match up, strengths/weaknesses, and resume!

I want to know how you think a well conditioned Rampage and injury free Rampage, can ever in his life lose to Rashad?

It has been driving me insane, when I see a blogger who's oppinion I respect after years of mma blogging can say that Rashad will win this fight. I just respect some of your your oppinion so much that its bugging the FOCK out of me, how you think Shad can win this fight, assuming page and shad are both in peak condition? What am I not seeing? How can you envision shad winning? I dont see any way?

Now of course, if 1 is much more conditioned then the other, or 1 is healthy and the other is injured…of course its going to go to the fighter in better shape that walks away from this fight victorious. But that goes for 98% of fights that happen at the top level in the UFC. Like, Rashad just got blitzkreig and knocked senseless by Machida, and did NO DAMAGE to THiago, humping his way to a win, while being put on queer street in the end, only to be saved by Thiago's fatigue! He did that to a Brazilain, who had lil wrestling experience, and a back problem. He isnt coming close to outwrestling a game Page! Page out wrestled some of their best in the prime! He outwrestled Hendo when he was an animal and had 2 pride belts around his waste, not the watered down Hendo that sheilds beat (No disrespect to sheilds). He out wrestled Lindland when he was giving it to Fedor in the wrestling department! He made Chucks Legendary takedown defense look Brazilianish! That was in 2003 when Chuck was in his Prime, and Rampage put him on his back at will, something that still to this day, no one has ever come close to doing to Chuck. He had one of the best Brazlian wrestlers in the history of mma, Ricardo Arona, on his back. Arona's entire gameplan was based on taking his opponents down and then using his stellar jits (top game), and even he wasnt able to take Rampage down.

Rampage is explosive athlete with a lot more Power then Rashad will ever have! I honestly think that Rashad’s best punch, which was the decapitation of Liddell, would not KO Page! and thats not taking anything away from that punch…Its a compliment to how I think of Page’s Granite jaw! Rashad will have to deal with Page’s steller boxing defense, and a Granite chin! How the Fock is Shad gonna penetrate that? and if you are counting on leg kicks or putting page on his back….then please dont bet your money! Shad hasnt thrown a leg kick in his entire life. Kicking has been forrest only weapon for a while now thus Forrest was able to find success with it. Shad has thrown 1 kick his entire career, and decapitated Sean Salmon's. Big Deal. When has he ever thrown a leg kick?

Yes Page has just been boxing, but he has acklowledged having to go back to the basic’s and use all his tools. Not only is page a better boxer, but I dont know if you many of you know but Page’s Muy Tai, 4 years was better then shads is dont forget skills, you just need to sharpen them and trust in them to pull the trigger and use the. In Page's career, I have seen him use really nice Muy Tai skills such as kicks, and Flying knees as well as being good at checking leg kicks. He won a K-1 fight! The problem is, Juanito, only stressed his boxing, and he stopped incorporating his Muy tai into his assualt, and ignored his stellar wrestling, only using it to keep fights standing. If Page ever decides to start using all the tools that he has in his arsenal, he is a very tough fight for anyone that the UFC can find to match him up with! He just got too reliant on his KO power and supperior boxing. HOpefully the loss to Forrest and all the Hate and shit talk lit a fire in his ass, and he already acknowedged that he needs to use all his skills and not just box. But If he decides to just sprawl, n Box….He his at the advantage as well against Suga. 

Do you know what Page is capable of? I think he is near impossible to submit! I have and I dont see anyone in that weight class, that can put him on his back! I have seen Page brute strength his way out of submissions pulling his limbs out or slammin his way out of them, and I have also seen him show the most technical armbar escape in the game. THis guy isnt getting submitted by Rashad! and he aint getting put on his back!

If Page, comes in shape, healthy, and with a well rounded gameplan incorporating ALL his skills and styles…Then Its a BLOWout! Shad wouldnt have a chance in hell, against that version of Rampage.

How many times have you ever seen Page get out PUNCHED? Never in your damn life! not against Shogun, wandy, Forrest, Sakuraba, and Marvin Eastmen who are the only people to ever beat him! NO one ever was successful punching page! NO ONE! Not even the great Heavyweight Ukranian Igor, who had some of the best hands in Heavyweight mma history. I have every single one of his fights tatooed in my Brain and believe me when I tell you that Punches are not the way to beat Rampage, and dating back to 2003 Pride FC, no opponent that he has ever faced, beat him with punches. Punches and wrestling is ALL Rashad has in his Arsenal. If He cant outwrestle Rampage, and has to box, I dont really think you can Punch your way to a win against Rampage. As a Rampage fan, Im very happy that all Shad did in his last fight was wrestle, because that means Rampage cant be dumb enough to ignore the wrestling aspect of his training camp which he has done recently and just really on his strength and talent. No doubt in my mind that he will be drilling wretsling continuosly in camp. He wont let a glorafied MW in Rashad come and lay on top of him for 15 minutes. Shad's only real chance in hell against a Peaked Page is to use his speed to box his way to a decision. However since Page will be training his wrestling, it will be sharp, and when you combine that with his power, it gives him the option of putting Rashad on his back, at anytime, if shad is able to out point him with his speed and steal the round.

Please dont waste my time by telling me that Rampage can lose if he comes into this fight out of shape, or because of the long lay off. Thats true with any UFC fight. I already know that. What am asking for is, for you to analyze how their skill sets match up, and how Rashad can beat Rampage assuming that they are both healthy and in the shape of their lives. I already know that Page can be lazy. Thats no secret. He will tell you that himself. Problem for Rashad is that his trash talk, and all the fickle fans Hate has infuriated Rampage, to the point where, I really believe that he will bust his ass in this training camp, and wont fall victim to his own lazyness, losing cause he wasnt prepared. I truley believe that he learned that lesson in the Forrest fight. Whether you think he won or lost, I doubt many would disagree that Rampage in his best Form, would annahilate Forrest!

Please, if there is something Im seeing…open my eyes to it. But if you just want to count on Page being injured and out of shape…then of course he losses. However, I only make predictions based on fighters being in top shape. Fatigue will beat anyone so thats obvious.

I just want to know how someone who’s opinion I really respect on here can tell me how Rampage can lose this fight assuming he is at the top of his game.


What am I not seeing, in how an in peak Rampage, losses to shad?

Lets see what you got boys!

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