New MMA Fantasy game with real nice prizes per event!!!


Tired of playing fantasy games with no prizes??? no more!!!

My partners and I started a new MMA fantasy game that allows fans to win REAL nice and rare MMA prizes for EVERY EVENT!!!! Entry fee per event is $1.

Our prizes will include items such as:

*Round 5 MMA limited Edition action figures: GSP, Chuck, BJ Penn, Kimbo and many more!

*Autographed UFC Official Gloves

*HAO Pride figures: yes those, the ones from Japan, the hard ones to get that include

*Fedor with Pride belt

*Wanderlie with Pride belt

*Rampage Jackson

*Heath herring




*Kevin Randleman


*Mark Hunt

*Josh Barnett

IF the early contests get good participation and positive feedback, we will MAYBE, just MAYBE do one contest that will cover a total of 4 MMA events, that prize will be…………………….and OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC Pride FC glove autographed by Pride stars. These gloves are the Holy Grail in MMA and are very very very hard to find. Again, this one is not definite if we are going to do it.



Same rules as all MMA events pick em games.

We will choose the fights for the contests, sometimes we will do just the main card, or 6- 7 fights or the whole card!!!

Points of course will be given out for:

Winner: 5 points

Round: 2 points

Method: 2 points

Tri-fecta: get all 3 correct and you get an additional 2 points

There will be a tie breaker per event in case of a tie.


If someone happens to get a perfect sheet, meaning that you get a trifecta for every single fight, you will get an additional bonus prize!!!


I will have a pay pal account to where each participant can send their $1 entry fee.  That’s it $1 can win you a prize worth $25, $50, $100, $200, $300 and even $500

If we happen to do the Pride Gloves event down the road, that one will be with special rules:

It will cover 4 or 5 events

The entry fee will be either $5 or $10, depending on how many participants we want to limit it to.

That is another thing; we will limit the participants, so you won’t have to beat out hundreds and hundreds of participants. We will limit them based on the prize for the event.  50, 75, 100, 150, or 200 participants. This way your chances of winning are greater!!!!!

All participants will send picks VIA email (

Once the amount of picks are in for that event, we will ask all participants to deposit the $1. If we do not get the minimum amount of entrants set for that event, we will inform all entrants not to deposit the $1. If we get good participation for the first event, then we may do a onetime fee of like $5 or $10 to cover you for the 5 or 10 events, that way you don’t have to keep depositing. But for now we wil ldo the $1 fee per event each time. It will be up to you however to get your picks in on time.

We will lock all the picks. Here is another great thing, to assure there is no cheating or scamming, I will send every participant an email with an attachment that has all the picks of every single entrant for that event. This way, if you choose to, you can monitor and see where you stand and assure yourselves that it is not rigged for someone to win. This will be done once all picks are in and recorded.  We will have updates on who won for that event, the next day.  Once we get it totaled we will inform the winner and ship the item to their location. All we ask is once the winner gets the prize, if they can post up that they received their prize, that way people can see the actual prize and they can be assured that prizes will be given out!!!

Here is your chance to win great prizes. So spread the word, because the more entrants we get, then we are assured that we can go ahead with the contest.

There it is, simple as that.

This will be our first contest, see how it goes.

The first contest will be this weekend:


Since this our first event, we will limit this one time only to 25 people.

Limit: 25 first entrants

Fee:  $1

Prize: George St. Pierre LIMITED edition Round 5 figure with Red walkout Gi and Bandana

*see my avatar*

Strike force Heavy Artillery

  • Champ Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers (for heavyweight title)
  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva
  • Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza vs. Joey Villasenor
  • Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman
  • Antwain Britt vs. Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante
  • Lyle Beerbohm vs. Vitor Ribeiro
  • Justin DeMoney vs. Jesse Finney


What time of the round you selected will the Antwain Britt vs Rafael Cavalcante fight end?

(Make sure everyone includes this in your entry)

Person with the closes time whether it’s over or under will win the tie breaker.



Picks are due by Friday May 14th at  11:00 pm (MDT)

Once all picks are in, we will email everyone and confirm to go ahead with the deposit.

Deposits will be due by Saturday May 15th at 12:00 pm

So if you are interested, send me your picks right away. Post under this comment that you have submitted your picks and spread the word.....


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