Shogun and Machida Fans Please Read

Hi everyone this is my very first FanPost  so bear with me... First let me say that I am nuts about MMA and have been visiting this site about at least 40 times a day for 2 years I am familiar with all the usual suspects and I read a lot of what you guys talk on here. Also you should know that English is my second language so if a sentence doesn't sound right or is not correct  you can blame my parents for not bringing me from Cuba to Miami sooner. Alright let's begin.



My take on Lyoto dropping down to Middleweight:

Lyoto probably cant make 185 and besides he has to much pride and warriors spirit to drop down even if he could which I think not ( and besides he's been making his opponents look silly aside from Shogun this last Sat )he's going to want that title again and face Shogun for the 3rd time.

The fight:

I think his mistake was that he got a little careless at the end and telegraphed too much his signature straight left that he threw , and knowing that Shogun was landing some clean shots before that, only made him come out of his comfort  zone sooner. If he would've been more patient for the openings that  Shogun was giving him I think he would've succeed in getting the KO victory. Shogun threw some wild rights in there that left him pretty open although very briefly. Lyoto was also breathing a little heavy after those take downs and it could've been from not beaing able to breathe from his nose from the bleeding  ( Who knows? maybe Shogun even broke it )
I also Agree with some of the fans in that as soon as I saw him walking down kind of rushing a little bit and not like his usual slow paced getting in the zone self,  that something didn't feel right. His in the cage demeanor before the fight  you could tell he was under a lot of pressure and it seemed odd that his corner was yelling and pumping him up so much in his walk down which is very uncharacteristic of them I believe. I think Lyoto needs to implement some boxing head movement and technique to his punches in order to fare better when he's in the pocket with Shogun next time. Not that Machida Is bad in the pocket , he's lighting quick and very accurate. The straight left, uppercut, left hook that he tagged Rashad with was unbelievable , but I just think that with a little boxing he could really exceed in this aspect.

I along with many of the of fans at the bar was crushed when I saw him getting Knocked out like that . Sunday was the saddest day I've had in a long time. Machida is by far my favorite fighter in MMA and win or loose he will always be. He represents to me everything that's good about Martial Arts and as a hardcore fan since UFC1 I feel blessed every time  he steps in the octagon.
Can Machida rebound and beat prob every  LHW in the planet including Shogun? I believe so. Is Shogun the only LHW in the planet that can also beat Lyoto on almost any given night?  I know so. 

A lot will be answered in Machida's next fight and how he chooses to approach his opponents. Will he be super aggressive or more patient than ever from now on? I don't know.  But what I do BELIEVE is that he will succeed and therefore  THE TRILOGY WILL BE SET FOR SHOGUN VS MACHIDA 3!

Much love maniacs!

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