The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11: Episode 2 recap and discussion


Episode 2 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 11 featuring Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz gets underway and the new recruits find their way to the house and take stock of their individual injuries.

After everyone gets settled in they head over to the "new and improved" UFC training center to have coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz select their squads.

Tito wins the coin toss and opts to select the first fighter giving Chuck the ability to choose the first fight

The team breakdown is as follows:

Team Ortiz (Red):
Nick Ring
Kyacey Uscola
Kris McCray
Jamie Yager
Clayton McKinney
Chris Camozzi
James Hammertree

Team Liddell (Blue):
Joe Henle
Court McGee
Brad Tavares
Kyle Noke
Josh Bryant
Rich Attonito
Charles Blanchard

Hammertree calls Team Liddell "Team Willy Wonka" because so many of Liddell's fighters are short. Even Dana is shaking his head at some of Chuck's picks and as of now it looks like Tito may have the advantage. Dana pulls Chuck aside but he has no regrets.

Not yet.

"The Iceman" wants to take his squad and improve on the skills they already have. Helping him in that quest is John Hackleman, former boxing great Howard Davis Jr., and Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields (not yet seen).

"The Huntington Breach Bad Boy" wants his guys to train hard and get the most out of every training session. Along for the ride are Saul Soliz and jiu-jitsu coach Cleber Luciano.

Tito starts dogging one of his last picks, Clayton McKinney, to see if his shoulder injury will drive him to quit. Chris Camozzi is also hurting due to a mouth injury but he plans on sucking it up.

It's time for the fight announcement and not surprisingly Chuck goes after Clayton to see if he's got what it takes to overcome Kyle Noke. Ortiz immediately tells him "Takedown defense."

Brad Tavares starts a "brown" clique with McCray and Yager and their first order of business is to run through the house at 3am with air-horns. Kyacey and McKinney weren't amused. It carries over to the next day where more arguing ensues in the kitchen.

McKinney gets his MRI and the good news is he doesn't have a tear but does have a contusion. Simply put, he has a bruised shoulder bone and Tito won't let him milk it. The team wants to focus on his mental training and it ends with a Ortiz pep talk.

On the other side Kyle Noke is representing Greg Jackson by way of Australia. He looks to be putting in the work but he's already talking title shot so I don't know if he's supremely confident or just asking to be jinxed.

Chuck has a hankering to hit Tito after everything that was said in the press last year about an alleged intervention but is afraid of the "pussy" pressing charges.

For Tito's birthday they bring out a Chuck Liddell pinata stuffed with money. In retrospect it may be the only time we get to see Ortiz beating up his longtime nemesis.

Clayton McKinney is acting very grumpy in the locker room because of Yager's mouth. During the commercial break Rich Attonito shares his desire to silence him as well.

Prior to the weigh ins, coach Howard Davis thinks Noke is a lock. The Aussie weighs in at 186 to McKinney's 185.5 We cut to the day of the fight and with only seven minutes left in the show it's safe to say this isn't going to the judges.

Team Liddell's Kyle Noke (16-4-1) vs. Team Ortiz' Clayton McKinney (4-2)

Round 1: Low kick by Noke. McKinney answers. Clark Kent punch by McKinney followed by robotic feinting. Front kick lands for Noke. Hardly any action. High kick misses for Noke who charges and gets caught by McKinney from behind. They hit the floor and McKinney is on top. Noke looking for a triangle and secures it. McKinney taps.

Kyle Noke defeats Clayton McKinney via submission (triangle choke) R1

Afterward McKinney slams his own performance as "pitiful" and tries to walk out but Ortiz wants to cheer him up first by having him re-enact the move with another team member so that he can learn from the mistake. Good strategy but not so sure about the timing.

Noke is understandable happy in the locker room and Chuck is even happier to retain control. Dana still thinks Tito has the better team but concedes Chuck may have the better strategy.

Stay tuned next week for a "shocking announcement" and tensions boil over on Team Ortiz. Would it surprise you to learn that Jamie Yager is in the middle of it? Of course not.

See you next week!

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