Round Table Discussion: StrikeForce Edition


            Hey guys’, depending on how the general response is I may make this a regular thing following an event, or if a prevalent topic is in need of a Good Ol’ Fashioned Round Table Discussion (then again, this could be an epic fail, lol).


            Overall, Saturday night provided a night for underdogs, and somewhat “boring,” fights, but hell I’ll take free fights anytime! UFC still, per usual, remains the premier organization in just about every aspect; fighters, promoting, announcers, professionalism, etc. (ill take the ring girls) Much to discuss, so lets get into it. *this card did me in, 0-3*


King Mo/G. Mousasi

            Mo came out strong and put on a great show for the first round, I was really impressed initially. He seemed to tire midway thru the 3rd (but did show signs of second and third winds, throughout the Championship Rounds, briefly), but Mousasi had no answer for the Takedown even when Mo had nothing left in the tank, and it cost him the fight.  For being such an accomplished wrestler and being so big, strong, and athletic I thought Mo’s shots lacked explosion (ala GSP).

            I had big expectations from Mousasi and he didn’t fulfill them. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with either guy and after that performance I don’t see either breaking the top 10 in the UFC right now, so StrikeForce is the perfect place for them while getting more experience.  Who do they fight now? 


G. Melendez/S. Aoki

            Well Aoki better head back to the Land of the Rising Sun and strap up them shiny pants, because he won’t have much success over here.  The one-trick pony days are long gone and ass-scooting won’t get you any W’s against wrestlers with sub defense, and average striking.  Guys overseas don’t seem to think cutting weight is important and it shows. Aoki looked like a twelve-year-old boy in there, hell even Nate Diaz looks better at LW than he does.  I loved the ass-scoot into a nice right courtesy of El Nino.

Gilbert beat him, embarrassed him, outclassed him, and sent him packing with the knowledge that he has much work to do!  Would love to see Gilbert in the UFC, imagine the match-ups; Tyson, Tibua, Sherk, Edgar, Gomi, Penn, Maynard, Kenny, Diego, etc. But as for his claim as best in the world, he’d have to beat those guys listed, which is a hell of a lot easier said than done (personally don’t ever see him beating top 5 LW’s).


D. Henderson/ J. Shields

            Talk about a sloberknocker, yet another SHOCKER for 2010. I have been praising Shields for some time now (not to the agreement of many maniacs) but not very many, if anyone, including myself thought he would survive a Hendo onslaught and dominate him en-route to an easy decision victory. I wasn’t surprised that he got Hendo down, as for years he has been known to be taken down by less than comparable competition (pre-fight he even said he expected to be taken down a few times), but I was surprised that he was able to keep him there and mount repeatedly. Shield’s has great BJJ, ton of heart, and good wrestling but VERY sub-par stand-up.  I thought he was out (flash) as he dropped in the first but he showed resilience and impressed the hell out of me (Thought it could have been stopped in the 2nd round)!

            I kind of had to laugh when almost immediately following the fight some posters (remain nameless) claimed Shields as the “Best MW in the World,” and capable of beating Anderson Silva.  I like Shields and have been calling for Shields/BJ for quite awhile now, as it would be a good first fight for BJ’s return to WW and Jake to the UFC, but lets be realist here; Jake Shields would not beat the top 5 in the UFC WW or MW Divisions!  I actually think he has a better shot at success at Middleweight than Welterweight (UFC). What do you think? He is a natural 170er and would most likely head there.  He won’t take guys like KOS, GSP, or Fitch down so then what? And there are so many better strikers in both classes that I think he has a hard time being anything more than a top 7-8/contender in the Big league. If Nick Diaz wanted the MW strap he’d take it from Shields NO PROBLEM.

Hendo vs Lawler/Cung Le and Shields/Miller (you have to now).


Brawl Seen Round the World

            Great Scott that was heavy. Mayhem is a character and shouldn’t have been in there but regardless that disgrace should not have happened.  How many times have we seen guys come in after a fight and trash talk/hype (many times a lot worse than asking for a rematch).  These guys are professionals on live TV and should be ashamed as it DOES make MMA look bad and back-yard-brawl esque.  Flip the script and put it UFC on a major network Dana would FREAK OUT!  Yet another reason I don’t like the Diaz Bros! This will make dollars though, no question. I do like a good feud too, but it didn’t have to go down like that, I came out liking Miller even more!


*Also, I really liked how post-fight the stats and percentages were shown, really gives a good perspective especially on close fights (granted there were none).








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