Well its been a long time coming and I to date have never made a fanpost, so what better way to start then to raise hell (and potentially fail miserably lol)? I've been meaning to start a way that all the Brock knockers can merge together and not get so viciously assaulted by drooling, knuckle dragging inbreds like Puck, Jay, etc :) 


So, fear no more fellow geniuses, I have arrived with a gameplan. Over the last couple months I have come across many posters who feel the same way I do about Borck; He's loud, obnoxious, and was instantly crowned as the next best thing upon his arrival. Now some of this is completely warranted, as he is massive, talented, stupid, strong and noisy. 


Let's do a quick recap shall we:


Borck started his obnoxious quest swarmed in WWE'ish controversy for his ending to a Mir submission that we'd like to think Borck will never make again. In the small time he was in there the former WWE Superstar showed flashes of super human'esque strength.  With a win over a disappearing act Herring, the green giant showed us, once again, his more than ridiculous pace and speed for a man of his stature, shattering Crazy Horses orbital bone almost instantaneously sending Herring into a backward summersault followed by 14 mins of trying to escape alive. So 1-1 he is clearly now ready for the belt?!? Whatever lol. So, he faces the task of Hall of Famer Randy the Natural Couture. With the world watching and crossing their fingers that Randy's 75 year old body can take a Mack truck punch, the always surprising Randy takes the 1st and to date only FULL round from Borck. Unfortunately I think everyone knew at one point or another Borck's 50lb+ size difference was going to click The Natural, and when it did? Well moving on...  A rematch with the ALWAYS classy Mir was inevitable so Borck could prove his rookie mistake was just that. Mission accomplished, in a huge way. Now was that enough? NO NO NO, see you must mock, and taunt the baby deer on its new legs, learning to walk after being tranquilized. Classy. Stop there? Sh*t no! Flip the birds to the ALWAYS kind UFC crowd, slobber all over the cage like a rabies infested Polar Bear, (carry Sable into the cage on one shoulder, smash beer cans together and foam em all over while the crowd cheers for Vince MacMahon) and publically belittle the organizations sponsor. 


Add that, to the fact he is now deemed by many as the #1 Heavyweight in the world, and you have plenty of reasons to hate him. That doesn't even include the swarms and swarms of fans he has amassed in so little time, that will do anything stopping short only of looking you up and coming to your door to fight you themselves to prove Borck's legitimacy to us. While I for one am not ready to put Brock above Fedor, or let his nam "murdalize" every Shane, Mir, Cain, JDS, Fedor, etc thread.


******So, what say you? Sign below and make your voice heard! We need to stick together in the threads relating to the sweaty mess that plagues OUR league. We must learn to put aside our hatred or disliking of ANY and ALL title challengers until he falls! Shane is our new MAN to carry us to the promise LAND (rhymed)! So start all your posts in these threads with a big bold ABM, so we know where to scroll to bond together and rally our troops in success. There will be many who will try to stop us and they may stoop as low as to call us names!!!! OMG right?LIke I know riiight? I mean this mostly to be fun and have an attempt to spruce it up around here, but that doesn't mean guys like...well especially Puck will understand or take it easy on you. HI PUCK. Forget him, try to battle intelligently and don't get yourself banned from the best site ever for being a moron. Have fun and join the ABM NOW!!!*******


Make sure to post often and keep this post going the more the merrier, and as President of the Anti Brock Movement, I will stand by you as loyal citizens and do you proud. Thank you fine readers I hope to hear from you soon. Mbow, StrikerDave, Dragon, Roberto, candyyce, gaara, I know there were many of you, I will do my best to recognize all of you, just make sure to voice your concern and join the Movement of righteousness


Thank you citizens of Mania,


President Worbanizer


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