UFC welterweight contender Paulo Thiago faces his stiffest test to date ...

A Q&A with the readers ...

Fast-rising UFC welterweight contender Paulo Thiago is here and while we know he's tough enough to make it as both a mixed martial artist and a Brazilian supercop, what we don't know is if he has the chops to hang with the inquisitive minds of the community.

Hear what Thiago has to say about Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, his favorite submission and what physical attribute he considers to be "God's Gift."

Check it out: Reader: How has your UFC exposure/success impacted your role as a Police Officer?

Paulo Thiago: As a matter of fact, nowadays I'm deeply dedicated to MMA so I haven't been playing police officer that much anymore. Reader: What are you most commonly used MMA skills/Techniques in your role as a Police Officer?

Paulo Thiago: Jiu-jitsu and self-defense. Reader: In your own eyes Paulo, what was the bigger win? Your debut against Josh Koscheck or your recent submission win over his team mate Mike Swick?

Paulo Thiago: I don't see any of them as a "big win," but a consequence of hard work. Reader: Paulo, knowing that people who predicted your meteoric rise are completely full of stinking horse shit, how do you feel about your newfound popularity?

Paulo Thiago: I enjoy it, of course, but just don't have the time to be fooling around because of my popularity - I have to keep training! About what people's prediction's are ... they have the right to think, say or predict whatever they want. It's just OK; I only care about good energy, thought and talk. Reader: What do you feel is the biggest weakness in your game, and what are you doing to improve upon that weakness?

Paulo Thiago: I'm so full of weak points that I'm sure I have to train harder than the others! Reader: What inspired you to transition into MMA from such a dangerous profession?

Paulo Thiago: They are pretty much alike: The need of adrenaline, focus, danger, survival, stamina, discipline strength, endurance and so on. You just can't afford missing any of them. Reader: Where do you think you go now: A rematch with Fitch or a bout with Dan Hardy?

Paulo Thiago: Whatever comes is ok for me. UFC tells me to do it and I'll do it. Reader: You have won both KO of the night and Submission of the night in the UFC. Obviously you are well rounded. Do you train more in grappling or striking? Which do you prefer?

Paulo Thiago: My original school is the grappling; I learned to respect the striking skills and dedicated myself to improve my standing game and take downs plus defenses as well. Reader: Paulo, what did you add to your game after the camp training with Anderson Silva and what impressed you the most from his skills?

Paulo Thiago: Anderson is an extraordinary fighter and at least by now no one can be compared to him. He hasn't shown his full potential and fighting knowledge, believe me. Having the opportunity to train with him is a real blessing and each movement is worth learning. Reader: How far away do you feel you are from a potential shot and where do you feel you could beat him?

Paulo Thiago: Who are you talking about? GSP? He's not my target...not yet... Reader: If you were to become Champion someday, do you see yourself quitting your day job?

Paulo Thiago: Haven't thought about that. Reader: Do your co-workers watch your fights?

Paulo Thiago: All of them!!! Reader: Do you think Rolling Stones are better than The Beatles?

Paulo Thiago: ....... Reader: Do you train your ears? How did they get so big?

Paulo Thiago: Those are God's gifts! Reader: Have you ever met Jack Bauer?

Paulo Thiago: I know he is the main protagonist of the american television series 24. I'm not much for TV. Reader: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Al Pacino -- because I don't think you do?

Paulo Thiago: ...... Reader: Do you think you could arrest Fedor?

Paulo Thiago: That's a tough task!!! Reader: Have you ever met Wanderlei Silva? Is he cool?

Paulo Thiago: He is VERY friendly to everyone! Reader: At what age did you get into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo and was there any other martial arts or sports you were involved in growing up?

Paulo Thiago: Judô at 6, jiu-jitsu at 13, boxing at 17 and Muay Thai at 22. Reader: How did you become a part of Team Black House?

Paulo Thiago: I'm not a part of the team. The CONSTRICTOR TEAM, the team I'm part of, is a Black House partner team. Reader: Did you have any fighters that you idolized growing up?

Paulo Thiago: I wouldn't say idolized, but for sure I admired (and still do) many of them... Reader: Is there any future fighters coming out of Team Black House we should be looking for?

Paulo Thiago: I couldn't tell about team Black House, but in what concerns Constrictor you'll hear about Massaranduba, Moicano and a few others. Reader: What's your favorite submission and favorite strike?

Paulo Thiago: Triangle and high kick. Reader: What changes to your training have you made in the last year compared to what you were doing to prepare for your first win UFC fight?

Paulo Thiago: I wouldn't be able to say them point by point, but I've changed some things, took off others and added some new techniques. Reader: If you could fight anyone outside of the UFC who would it be?

Paulo Thiago: Haven't thought about it... Reader: Are you worried about your face and job being so publicized by the media because of the dangerous nature of it? Do you think drug dealers, etc. Could use this against you or your family?

Paulo Thiago: They can try if they have the balls to...all they have to keep in their minds is the fact that we are a whole and a big team taking care of each others back. Reader: You're obviously a very brave dude, you're a soldier and a fighter, not many can do well in either of those professions, is there anything that does scare you? Spiders? Snakes?

Paulo Thiago: As a God's soldier I shall fear his heavy hand! That's why I try to keep my life in the right path. Reader: Paulo, feel free to send a message for MMAMania fans and sponsors.

Paulo Thiago: One of the reasons why I fight and love doing it is the warmth of the crowd. Even though I fight in USA I still can feel myself at home every time I get there and I can guarantee that I'll always do my best in order not to disappoint my fans and even those who are not!

Special thanks to Paulo Thiago for taking the time out of his schedule to talk to the readers. Be on the lookout for more fighter Q&A's in the near future.

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