Monday Morning White~Belt

Well boys this is my first fanpost, hope it works out!~

Im just going to run through some of my thoughts on this past UFC event..

First off, the atmosphere of this event was nothing short of incredible.. The outdoor feeling was definitely something else and the fact that this card had two title fights involvong two of the top 3 P4P fighters in the world[imo] gave me the feeling that this would be a night to remember.. Well it was just that.. Only in a bad way!~

 I am really suprised with how displeased ive become with Anderson Silva lately.. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? I mean, he has all the tools to finish his fights and rarely has competition, yet he seems content with defending his title by showboating while completely disrespecting his opponents.. Somebody needs to make Andy sit down and watch a Ninja movie.. Not an American made ninja movie, but one of the millions of classic movies straight from china.. If Anderson doesn't believe he is a disrespectful shit DURING and AFTER his fights, he needs a reality check.. Maybe it's the lack of competition? maybe he doesn't like to take-out fellow Brazillans? i have no clue, but I don't like it..  What do you guys think?

Now that I have got that out of the way id like to move on to the real fights..

WOW, I can't believe BJ lost at LW!~ Im still very shocked and don't really know what to say.. I havn't rewatched the fight yet, but I will say I thought BJ won that fight[barely] taking rounds 1,2 & 3.. It was close but thats how I had it.. Am i suprised Frankie took the nod? Not at all, it was a very close fight & Edgie did alot that coud sway that decision.. However, 50-45 & 49-46 ?!? How did these judges get their jobs?? IMO- BJ clearly took the 1st round as well as the 2nd.. I had no idea who one the 3rd with that round being the closest[i gave it to the champ].. Round 4 imo- another very close round but i gave it to Frankie.. Round 5 was definitely Frankies.. Now like I said, i havn't watched the fight twice and could see it different the second and third time around, but I also have no beef with the decision on account of it being a really close fight[esp the 3rd].. I would like to read opinions on the round for round from my fellow mmanerds, so if you could list the rounds and who you gave it to, that would be appreciated.. What round did you guys think was the closest?

Renzo/Hughes.. Renzo looked great for a 43 year old man.. definitely took the 1st.. but i guess old men will gass.Hughes looked like shit aside from the 3rd, but by that point it was too easy... i was really hoping Renzo would have used his energy to get the cost me in the pick em pool.. Now I am truly shamed that 'the girl' is now 2 points ahead of me and i have fallen down to group 6.. i hate group 6, it stinks!~,lol.. 

Dos Anjos/Etim.. I really enjoyed this fight, and was suprised with Dos Anjos.. I thought Etim could keep it standing and win with a [t]KO.. Boy was I wrong.. Dos Anjos has some very entertaining JJ, fun to watch.. I thought he deserved the SOTN for sure.. Some might say the anaconda choke deserved it more, but I see it different on account of transitions.. While the anaconda choke always looks wicked great with the roll[& the way Davis walked ]the fence] he pretty much got it sunk in quick and the fight was over.. On the other hand Dos anjos transitions made his sub look world class.. i love watching BJJ guys work their magic with bait.. So smooth and so graceful.. Dos anjos looked fluent while Davis looked like he just griped dude up with power[still very pretty]..

Grove/Munoz... Definitely an intense back and forth fight deserving FOTN, and a great way to start off the night..

well thats it, fellas.. if you made it this far, i thank you for reading.. don't criticise too harshly, these are only my opinions.. I would like to here yours as well..


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