My Thoughts On UFC 112

My thoughts on UFC 112

First and foremost-Frankie Edgar is a beast. I, along with 95% of the MMAMania community thought this was going to be even less of a challenge for BJ than Diego turned out to be. As a the littlest guy in my gym, I always use a lot of footwork and movement to maintain and advantage-since “big power” isn’t an advantage that I can boast.

Speed and accuracy, however, is.

And Frankie proved on Saturday that it can be a bigger advantage than many thought. He fought an amazing battle, and looked just as fresh at 4:30 of round 5 as he did at 0:30 of round 1.

I know there are already questions about Penn’s kneebrace, but the thing that I noticed most was the small spare tire around his waist. He looked in the worst physical condition he has looked at 155 since his destruction of Pulver at the TUF 5 finale.

The two things might be related, but I doubt it. If they are, and he ended up blowing out his knee in training or something like that, I give him mad props. I had to pull out of a fight scheduled for May 8 since I dislocated my hip last week. And I cant even walk without a painful limp, much less do any type of cardio workout or throw a right cross. So if he did tear up his knee, and still step in the cage against Edgar, he has my respect for it.

However, I think the end of the fight is a result of Edgar not being intimidated and sticking to an excellent gameplan.

Hughes made me proud last night. I almost feel as if I’m one of the last of a dying breed when it comes to Hughes fans, judging from the hate I see him getting from the internet community. But I have always been a fan of him, and seeing as how I started following MMA right at the time he choked out Trigg with an amazing standing RNC, he has always had a fan in this fighter.

And last night, he finally got something he has been wanting for a long time-a TKO as a result of his stand-up abilities.

Renzo impressed me with his respect and his heart, but his actual skills displayed during the fight left something for me to be desiered. However, I do very much hope we get to see him against someone like George Sotiropoulos or Joe Daddy before Zuffa decides he’s too old.

Those two fights would make for an amazing grappling exhibition, and I feel like Renzo could make 155 seeing as he looked very small next to Hughes, and made the statement that he had to eat a lot to stay in the welterweight class

Dos Anjos-I have a bone to pick with you. You ruined the bet I placed with a training partner, and once my hip heals up I get to suffer a 10 minute pickle at the hands of the rest of my team.

I thought Etim would be able to have his way with you, but you wouldn’t hear of it. And that armbar was beautiful-couldn’t have been more by-the-book. My hat’s off to you.

Joe Lauzon vs Terry Etim anyone? Or Dos Anjos vs Gomi?

There is a reason I left this fight till last-because the only place it belongs is at the very bottom of a long write up, where it will get as little attention it deserves. Maia earned all of my respect last night, and Silva lost all of it.

I couldn’t care less if a champion stops his contenders in the first 30 seconds, or if he plays it rather safe and out points him to a decision. The champ is the champ, and its his choice of what game plan to use. However, dancing around, hiding behind the ref, swearing at your opponent, mocking your opponent during the fight, then going on camera and repeatedly complaining about how your opponent disrespected you?!

What did Maia say or do before, during, or after the fight that could be seen as disrespectful?

Deciding not to charge forward and swing slow punches while out of range a la Forrest Griffin is NOT disrespecting you. And that’s the only thing I can think of that Silva found disrespectful-Maia refusing to play into Silva’s hands.

But it’s a freaking fight.

I’m a striker myself-if my opponent won the Arnold Classic’s Absolute division, im sure not gonna walk up to him and pull guard as a show of respect. Im gonna respect him by giving him the best challenge I can possibly present. And in Maia’s case-this could only have been done by trying to take the fight to the ground, which he did.

Anderson Silva-as a fan and a fighter, I’m disappointed in your performance. Im not angry-I’m embarrassed and I feel like you disrespected every single person who calls themselves a fan of this amazing sport.

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