Aftermath 112: Thoughts and Opinions (*spoilers*)


I want to start off by saying that this event f*cked me like a sixth-street hooker 2/5 overall.  Also, it was unique seeing so many Emirate Royal Family dressed in their cultural customs, sitting front row in their Red and Gold king chairs.  There seems to be an actual following over there and that’s great news for MMA.  Much to talk about for this PPV, so lets get down to business. 


M. Hughes/R. Gracie

            Hughes came out in great shape, but not as big and defined as he did for Serra, I thought.  Renzo hasn’t fought in 2.5 years and he looked it.  When Matt came out orthodox I knew we were in for a long fight of nothing.  Matt has great Jitz and could have secured the takedown, avoided any sub attempts, and finished ala Royce.  That didn’t happen.  Matt has long stated that he wants to 1) KO someone before retiring and 2) fight on the same card as his brother before retiring.  Maybe that’s what he was going for, I don’t know but I was disgusted with his stand-up.  He has no power, technique, or finishing ability on the feet.  He said prefight, “this fight is going to bring the viciousness out of me,” but yet showed NO desire to finish when he had several opportunities.  I think he came in with too much respect.  Renzo is a legend, I get it.  But if you knock a man down mid-fight you don’t go over and pick his sorry ass up you get on top and pound until the ref rips you off.  After tonight I can’t think of any fight I’d like to see either man in anymore.  Maybe Hughes/Penn III now?


BJ Penn/ F. Edgar

            WOW.  What else can you say?  No one expected it or even thought of it as a remote possibility, including myself.  Rogan was right, Frankie Edgar shocked the world.  He used endless cardio and unpredictable movement to get in his kicks and strikes and man did it pay off.  This really shakes things up in the LW world.  Maynard has to be the next in line for a title shot; he has a win over Frankie!  Where does BJ fit in now? And Florian? I wouldn’t say this was a bigger upset than Serra/GSP but damn close.

 *Also, Prefight Penn said “Good fighters will take the fight in a 5 round decision, Great fighters will end it.” I took it as a direct statement to GSP, but its moot now.


A. Silva/ D. Maia

Anderson is the cockiest in-ring fighter in the industry, bar none, and he proves it time and time again(I wish I knew what he was saying during the fight).  You know what, it’s rightfully so though.  He is light-years ahead of his competition and the number 1 P4P fighter on the planet.  If he was American or at least Spoke English he’d be one of the biggest Draws/Stars of the sport, ever!  It is frustrating watching him drag out a decision when could have and should have finished it 20 minutes earlier.  GSP/Silva is imminent now the only question is whether it will be at WW or MW.  I think GSP is better off going up.  He would have the opportunity to win another title while preserving his WW belt, and if he were to lose it wouldn’t look as bad in Silva’s division as it would his own.  I would love nothing more than to see GSP takedown and pound Silva, but in reality the likelihood is probably 65-35 in Silva’s favor. I wonder what Dana had to say to Ed Soares.

·        Tonight Maia gained fans and Silva lost them, period.


The Rest

            Grove impressed me in the first round.  Good strikes and nice sub attempts.  Munoz proved to be too much and used his wrestling and vicious GnP to drop BOMBS on Kendall until the ref peeled him off (take notes Matt Hughes).

            Dos Anjos had a great night and finished with a textbook arm bar. Throw him in with Guida or Griffin.

            Phil ‘Mr. Wonderful” Davis will be one to watch out for in the coming years.  He’s young and needs a lot more experience but I see this kid doing big things.  Great athlete, super explosive, technical, and wrestling base.  Davis/Jardine.





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