Calling All Writers: MMA4Real Looking To Hire

What's up my SBN brethren?

I don't wanna take all day to explain, but this site is looking to take 1-2 new writers/contributors...maybe more if the drive/talent is there.

I can't even explain how much the site has changed since I first started it in July 2008.  Hell, I can't explain how I've changed since that time, I'm older and now will soon have three kids to support when at the time I had just become a new father.  Keeping this site going is hard work, believe you me, and I honestly don't know how we do what we do with such a limited staff.  However, we've gotten it to where it is today, but trust me when I tell you this place is about to explode.  Sooo

If you've ever wanted to write about MMA and actually have people read's time to answer the phone.  This is what you need to do:

1.  Register as a member of this site(if you haven't already).  If you could register with your real name, that would be great but not mandatory.

2.  Begin posting FanShots and most importantly, FanPosts. There is a 75 word minimum to FanPosts, but don't go crazy with a 5 page essay or anything.  As most of you already know, if your post is good and relevant, we'll promote it to the front page.

3.  Email me( with your screen name to tell me you are interested so I'll know who's interested in joining the MMA4Real team.  Also, so I can recognize the fanpost/fanshots you are putting up.

4.  I'll need you to post consistently for about 2 weeks or so.  This'll give me an idea of what you bring to the table in regards to MMA knowledge, writing ability, and how often you'll be posting.

You may ask, what will I get out of it?  Well, the most important thing will be that your work will be read by a lot of people everyday.  People read this site from fighters, trainers, managers, promoters, hardcore fans, casual fans, etc.  Also, we can pretty much get credentialed by ANY promotion out there(except the UFC).  I'm looking for people that are serious and most of all dependable so if you want to go-to local or national shows as a media outlet you'll have the opportunity.  If you've been reading the site, you see that we do a lot of fighter interviews, so you'll have the opportunity to do that as well.  I'll be honest in that fact that this is NOT a paid position, we are working toward that direction...but simply are not there yet. 

In regards to what you post, I don't tell anyone what to write because we all have our own personalities and point of views.  As long as the material is relevant, well written, and discussion oriented you are good to go. 

I have to say that I've had some people in the past to say there were interested in writing, but either never show up or don't deliver on what they say.  Trust me, those are two things I despise so if you fall into either category and/or are not serious then just don't bother.  Whomever we bring on board MUST be dependable. 

I didn't mean to type that much, but if you can't tell...I have a passion for this site to make it the best possible site out there.  I work hard and so should you if you want to join the movement here.  If you have any me directly. 

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