UFC 12-Man MW Tourney Semi-Final #2

We all know that Anderson Silva is the most dominate MW in the world.  Has set the UFC record for longest winning  streak (10), tied for the most consecutive title defenses (5), and has remained unbeaten for over 4 years.  Due to his overwhelming dominance, Silva currently resides at or near the top of every MMA Pound 4 Pound ranking.  But what if A.S. were to suddenly vanish?  The UFC MW landscape would change dramatically.  With that in mind, who would rule the UFC's MW division in a world without the Spider?  Time find out, Tournament style...

We will poll each fight individually, for 1 day, beginning with opening round Match #1.  MMA Mania has the most knowledgeable MMA online community, so please feel free to post your pick in the comments along with your analysis of how you see the fights breaking down.  Hopefully this will give us something to do on slow news days.

Semi-Final #1:  If anyone ever doubted the popularity and devotion of Wandy's fan, we can now put that question to rest.  For the 1st time since we started these tourney's, we had a match-up end in a tie.  Tournament #1 seed Chael Sonnen, and #5 seed Wanderlei Silva each received exactly 24 votes to end in a push.  Apparently, the moral of the story is Never Count Out the Axe Murderer.  I guess the way to go from here is to go ahead and poll Semi-final #2.  After that, we will have a Sudden Death Poll for Semi-Final #1 which will only remain open for 2 hours.

                                                            QF1     1 C. Sonnen

Match #1:    8 Yoshihiro Akiyama                     9 P. Cote

                   9 Patrick Cote                                                                   SF1  1  C. Sonnen

                                                                                                                    5  W. Silva
                                                            QF2      4 D. Maia                                                                           

Match #2:   5 Wanderlei Silva                           5 W. Silva

                12 Chris Leben

                                                            QF3      3 V. Belfort

Match #3:    6 Yushin Okami                             6 Yushin Okami

                 11 Dan Miller                                                                      SF2  3  V. Belfort

                                                            QF4      2  N. Marquardt                   2 N. Marquardt

Match #4:    7 Michael Bisping                          10 A. Belcher

                 10 Alan Belcher

Semi-Final #2 Is nothing less than a crowd pleaser.  Vitor's explosiveness and power versus Nate's creative and fluid style equals guaranteed fireworks.  Both men are very well rounded, and they make no secrets about their desires to put on exciting, fan pleasing displays.  For me, this one is a toss up.  I can really see it going either way.  Winner moves on to face the Chael/Wandy winner for the tournament Championship...

So lets hear it Maniacs.  Who would rule the day, in a world without Anderson Silva?  Will the favorites move on, or will we see an underdog rise to the top?  You decide.

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