Team Japan bests Team USA at DEEP X 05

(Photo courtesy of God Bless the Ring)

Japanese fans of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling were treated to a night of heady grappling competition on Saturday, February 6 when DEEP held "DEEP X05," the fifth installment of its grappling event.

The event featured a three-fight, "Japan vs. USA" competition that pitted some of the best submission grapplers from both sides of the Pacific. Team USA comprised Paul "El Technico" Schreiner, Baret Yoshida, and Ryan Hall. On the other hand, Team Japan featured UFC veteran, Keita Nakamura, Kohei Yasumi, and Takashi Yamada.

While Team USA seemingly held the edge in terms of the pedigree and overall recognition of its members, Team Japan reeled off an outstanding performance, besting the competition 2-1. More amazingly, all three fights ended with submission.

Takashi Yamada gave Team Japan an early lead with an upset victory over the 2009 ADCC bronze medalist and prolific submission grappler, Ryan Hall, via guillotine choke in the second round.

Team USA bounced back, as 2009 World No-Gi Championship winner, Baret Yoshida, submitted Kohei Yasumi, an ADCC competitor and long-time sparring partner of Shinya Aoki and Satoru Kitaoka, with a lightening-quick triangle choke at 3:38 of round one.

In the finale of the "Japan vs. USA" competition, UFC veteran and ADCC competitor, Keita Nakamura triumphed over former Brownbelt Mundial bronze medalist, Paul "El Technico" Schreiner, via kimura, sealing Team Japan's victory.

Full results after the jump

Japan vs. US (3 Fights):
81.5kg: Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura Def. Paul Schreiner by Kimura Round 2 1:44
68kg: Baret Yoshida Def. Kohei Yasumi by Triangle choke Round 1 3:38
73kg: Takashi Yamada def. Ryan Hall by Guillotine choke Round 2 1:30

56kg: Sayaka Shiota Def. Rikako Yuasa by kneebar Round 1 0:22
Open: Marcos "Marquinhos" Souza vs. KOTESU Cancelled
66kg: Tsubasa Tobinaga Def. Akihiro Hoshino by armbar Round 2 1:21
85kg: Motoki Miyazawa Def. Yuji Arai by choke round 1 2:13
Open: Taijiro Ui Def. Yuichi Ozono by points 8-2
Open: Hideki Sekine Def. Singh "Heart" Jaideep by points 27-1

Opening Fights:
63kg (1x5min.): Yuruka Sasaki vs. Yasushi Kiuchi Draw
75kg (1x5min.): Takashi Matsumoto Def. Nobuto Horiuchi by points 8-2
69kg (1x5min.): Takehiro Isetani Def. Tatsuya Karasana by choke 4:04
70kg (1x5min.): Kleber Koike Def. Hideto Okada by points 2-0

67kg (1x5min.): Takumi Murata Def. Kazuto Hamasaki by points 13-0
77kg (1x5min.): Takahiro Kanda Def. Naoto Miyazaki by points 4-2
65kg (1x5min.): Yuto Hirai Def. Yasufumi Suzaki by points 6-4
62kg (1x5min.): Michinori Tanaka Def. Satoru Ida

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