UFC Undisputed 2009 Thread



Calling all gamers!!!

I for one really don't consider my self a gamer. In fact, the last couple games I have played, up until yesterday, were Halo on the original XBOX last year and an old arcade version of the 80's game "Time Pilot" a few weeks ago. But this week, thanks to a return of some of the interest free loan I gave to Uncle Sam last year, I was able to purchase a PS3 as well as "UFC Undisputed 2009" (3.5 million other people can't be wrong).

It what little time I have during the day to play the game, I have completed the tutorial on how to control a fighter. Now I have to actually jump in and start playing. This brings me to the couple questions I have for those that are actually familiar with the game:

1. Is it better to use a player already set up in a game or to customize your player?

2. How do you set up online game play?

3. Is it possible to create (particularly in the PS3 online community) to set up an SB Nation league where members of the MMA (or any other) blogs here can play against each other? Or does something like this exist already?

Sorry if I sound completely ignorant with these questions, but being almost 35, I have been out of the video game console loop for a while.

Feel free to leave any comments below.  

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