UFC WW 8-Man Tourney Quarter Final # 4

We all know that Georges St. Pierre is the most dominate WW in the world.  To the point that there is practically no one who can really provide a viable threat to him.  GSP is in fact, widely regarded as the prototype for the future of MMA.  A fighter that excels at every facet of the game.  But what if GSP were to suddenly vanish?  The UFC WW landscape would change dramatically.  With that in mind, who would rule the UFC's WW division in a world without GPS?  Time find out, Tournament style...  Below is an 8-Man single elimination bracket to determine which WW would rule the division. 

Quarter Final #3 was a bit lopsided, as we saw Kos exact sweet revenge against Paulo, to the tune of 66% of the vote.  Looks like the Maniacs feel that their 1st fight was indeed a fluke.  Koscheck now moves on to await the winner of the Muay Thai match-up between Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy. 


QF1      1 Jon Fitch
             8 Carlos Condit          SF1    1 Jon Fitch
                                                          4 Paul Daley
QF2      4 Paul Daley
             5 Matt Hughes

QF3      3 Josh Koschek        
             6 Paulo Thiago          SF2     3 Josh Koscheck 

QF4      2  Thiago Alves
             7  Dan Hardy


Quarter Final # 4 is a guaranteed fireworks display.  It features 2 ultra aggressive strikers who make no apologies for their love of a good ol fashioned slobber-knocker.  With victories over Marcus Davis and Mike Swick, Hardy has suddenly found himself in the spotlight.  But many question if he deserves his new found notoriety given the mediocre quality of opponents on his resume.  The same can not be said about Thiago Alves.  The Pitbull has fought a who's who in the 170 lbs division recording excellent results, save a couple understandable setbacks.  Hardy will finally get a chance to fight a Top 3 opponent, and potentially silence the critics...       

So lets hear it Maniacs.  Who would rule the day, in a world without GSP?  Will the favorites move on, or will we see an underdog rise to the top?  You decide.

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